home update feb 18 / today

A huge update is coming to PlayStation Home tomorrow (Thursday). First up, there’s going to be two new public spaces — ones for LocoRoco and MotorStorm. Add on top of that there’s a highly-interactive LocoRoco personal space.. and a rather cool looking PlanetLand personal space. And there’s more! Four new stores will open in the Mall, including ones for EA Sports, Loot, Exclusives and the much-talked-about LucasArts store which will feature Indiana Jones and Stormtroopers costumes, as well as lightsabers and Sith banners. Awesome. Cannot wait.. to.. go broke tomorrow.. on virtual items.. >_>

I awoke early in the morning and watched Iron Man: Armored Adventures (for some reason, Nicktoons held back an episode featuring Hulk and didn’t mind airing it until just last month.. and I just found out a bout it this weekend.. good episode btw :p), followed by four more episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 1 Vol 2 (good episodes.. but a part of me wants to hurry to get these over with because I plan to watch Power Rangers Wild Force next :p ).

My dad returned home from dialysis somewhat later than expected and we eventually watched some Ellen. But I soon took over again and checked out PlayStation Home for a little bit.. until I remembered something. I heard that Heavy Rain will be a 4GB install on the PS3. Argh. Only because I have maybe a gig free space right now. :p So I went to its Video section and watched Blue Mountain State (lol, hilarious episode), Leverage (good episode here too) and Legend of the Seeker (wow.. I still like this series, but sometimes the setup for some fight scenes recently have felt forced somehow.. like the “setup” scenes in porn movies.. only for fights here :p).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. My dad still wasn’t feeling very good, so he chose to sleep all night. There was only one thing on.. and I chose to keep that for later. And so I watched Make It Or Break It (wow, very intense ending.. the series seems to getting better all the time.. really starting to outshine the other two shows.. and the chicks in leotards are a nice touch too šŸ˜‰ ) and Greek (lol @ the Dale subplot.. very good episode šŸ™‚ ). And it took a while to get them done since I kept pausing to do things. :p But I soon finally returned to my room for the night.

See yas.

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