Sunday 02.14.2010 — a valentines day from hell

I ended up staying awake past 4AM.. before finally falling asleep.. I awoke in the morning.. and got online to finish up the previous entry.. I soon took over the TV and watched CSI NY (haha, Danica Patrick in a typecasted role.. neato) and Vampire Diaries (eh, not bad I supposed.. for some reason I liked this show more before the hiatus :/ ). But soon after that, my dad just had to ruin my entire day. He just seems to enjoy doing it so much, since he disappoints me so often.

My dad came up with the idea to pick something up at Subway for lunch before his Daytona 500 started. I said I didn’t want Subway and paid up to get another pizza from Pizza Hut. So he took off.. and returned with the wrong pizza, just like last time. Only this time there was only one thing incorrect about it, a feature that I didn’t mention but should have been implied by the exact same order being placed three times before. But my dad refused to go back and fix it. If it’s my money and my problem, so I guess he just doesn’t care. I refused to eat the pizza as he ate his sub without a care in the world. If only I could drive. I would have fixed it myself.. then perhaps wrecked the fuck out of his car. Asshole.

I got online for a bit, then watched an episode of Supernatural on the bedroom DVR (yup, way behind on this one.. it was an episode from early November :p). I was going to watch more than one, but I was still rather angry over my dad not doing a damn thing to fix my problem. I got online for a bit again, then returned to the living room.. and soon fell asleep. I was awoke to him returning from some store. He went out to get something he needed (while the race was stopped).. but apparently I’m still fucking screwed. His gawddamn race was on today and he just couldn’t be bothered to fix the problem since it wasn’t his.

I returned to my room and got online as the hour was reaching 6PM, still rather angry.. not to mention pretty hungry since I haven’t eaten a damn thing all day.. all thanks to my uncaring and lazy father.. Meanwhile, my left ankle had a rising pain in it as the day went on. It was getting pretty annoying by 6PM. I told my dad about it, but of course he didn’t care. His race had started back up by then so he just completely ignored me.

Not long after that, I gave up and finally ate the damn pizza. The whole thing. A large. Just didn’t want a reminder of this BS in the fridge.. My dad’s ASSCAR race ran late, taking out tonight’s new Til Death episodes. 😦 Once my dad realized that there was nothing for him on tonight, he went to bed way early. He ends up getting up at like 4AM to go to dialysis at around 5AM. :/ ..I watched tonight’s new Simpsons (haha, Winter Olympics.. stupid crap.. funny episode though), Cleveland Show (fish pregnancy.. quite possibly the most retarded plot I’ve ever seen on network TV -_- ..otherwise, lol), Family Guy (lol) and American Dad (lol.. thumbs up for getting away with on-screen masturbation.. and that blurred-out middle finger :p I want that Japanese funk song, now! lol).

And that was about it for another day. *sigh* ..Oh! and a bit late, but I’ve decided to go ahead and use what would have been this year’s new Blue Ranger (aka Marijuana Man!) as my userpic. For now anyway. :p ..See ya..

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