Saturday 02.13.2010 — >>FLITSP! POOM!<<

No Pink Spandex reports on a segment done for the HDNet series Inside MMA in which Power Rangers alum Jason David Frank is interviewed about his new job.. in the MMA (duh). During the segment, a brief clip from the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned episode “Green With Evil, Part 1” is shown. Added on-screen effects all over the once-epic saga, including some Japanese words. Funny though that the Japanese words are misspelled. “FLITSP! POOM!” lol. Plus Dan Evans III is freaking out a bit about this leak of footage.. :p

I awoke in the morning and.. got online to finish the previous entry. I got that done quickly once I heard about the free PSN game for today only, then.. got onto PSN and downloaded it. flOw is a father simple game. I definitely wouldn’t have paid for something so.. simple. But it comes with trophies, so.. gimmegimme. :p I also got onto PlayStation Home for a little while.

My dad woke up from his sleep, then I let him watch a bit of news.. before I watched iCarly (extended version of a rerun.. only really noticed one addition, but I’m sure there were more :p), Big Time Rush (hahaha), The Sarah Silverman Program (lol, nice pancake song) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (another good episode 🙂 ).

I got online for a little while, then watched the “new” episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned — 2010: “Foul Play In The Sky”. I really thought Disney’s problem with this episode would be the “plane trouble” plot, but that appeared to be unchanged. However, they did remove the scene in which Squatt is seen pouring a sleeping potion into Uncle Steve’s soda can. It’s now only mentioned later in a scene in Rita’s palace. I guess kids are too stupid today to know that drugs are bad (you shouldn’t do drugs, mmkay?) There was a lot more on-screen crap than the episodes of late as well. Argh. :/

I got online again for a bit, then when my dad returned home we watched two episodes of The Mentalist (yay, caught up.. though I had a bit of a hard time keeping attention at times). I was feeling sleepy, so I chose not to watch anything else and returned to regular TV. I fell asleep for a few hours soon after. My dad awoke me for supper, then we soon watched The Final Destination… 4 on Blu-ray. I liked the first and third moves the most (coincidentally the ones done by Glen Morgan & James Wong). The second one was just.. ugh.. But this one wasn’t all that bad really. A bit too short though. My dad again thought this was too silly. :p

I got online again.. as I returned to my room for the night.. Well, until midnight.. when I watched the US premiere of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I just couldn’t wait until morning, like I usually do with Adult Swim shows.. Not that bad of a start, though I still like the original series a LOT more so far.. I have the entire original series in their original release form — fifteen clear DVD cases (13 for series, 1 movie & 1 OVA :p).. And that was about it for the night.

See ya.

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