[enter witty-but-actually-rather-lame way of saying ‘today’ here]

I awoke in the morning and got online.. Then I gave my Netflix selection Moon a second try. Glad I didn’t buy this one. It was okay, but not purchase-worthy. And again, I fell asleep near the very end. But I returned to the end and played that part again.. My dad stayed home from dialysis today.. but returned to bed.. until near the end of the movie. Ugh. We watched some of the basic morning TV and I soon got online again.

I took over a bit early in the afternoon, then watched CSI (not bad, actually).. before getting onto PlayStation Home for a bit (yes, bought more clothes.. got some free clothes too though :p ..too lazy to upload the new pics right now). Eventually, I watched Avatar.. from an encode of an illegally-copied DVD screener. Yay. Loved the movie and will definitely buy it on Blu-ray, probably multiple times too. I hear the plan is to release one around summer, then re-release it in time for Christmas on the new Blu-ray 3D format. Cool. Plus the PS3 is upgradable to 3D Blu-ray (and gaming) via firmware update. Sweet. πŸ™‚

After the movie (at like 7PM), I returned to PlayStation Home for a bit before my dad woke up. He had gone to bed because he finds unrealistic movies silly. *rolls eyes* I swore he was asleep when the movie ended, but he awoke anyway. Perhaps he awakens to the sound of silence, aka the eight minutes it takes to completely load Home. :p ..Anyway, I shut off the PS3 and got online for a bit.

In primetime, we watched Smallville (another good episode.. and now the repercussions of the Haiti telethon postponement shows itself: a Valentines episode NEXT Friday.. Perhaps they could have further swapped the episodes so that one could have aired today? ah well..), Human Target (another very good episode.. love this show.. it’s based on a comic book too, y’know? :p) and The Soup (lol, especially @ the surprise appearance of Lost‘s Michael Emerson.. very funny πŸ™‚ ).

And that was pretty much it again. See ya.

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