not tomorrow.. today!

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I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up previous entry.. and I soon fell asleep for a few more hours. I had awoken pretty early. :p ..I awoke again.. and got online again.. We soon watched some morning TV, then I eventually took over the TV and got onto PlayStation Home for a little while. Yay @ the new Valentine’s rewards.. that require more than one person to accomplish.. Damnit. I’m mostly a loner in Home too, hence damnit. :/

We took off to the grocery store for some things (I swear what I used to buy for like $20.. is now up to almost $30 😦 ..the $7 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue probably didn’t help though.. *ahem*), then soon returned home.. where I got back on to PlayStation Home. I eventually shut that off.. and didn’t have enough time to watch any TV episodes.. So instead, I played through the Heavy Rain demo once again before giving the TV back over to my dad at least 30 minutes earlier than usual. :p

I got online to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper.. I actually got back into writing some more Truth-Seekers: Prometheus. I hope I can keep that up. I’m still really excited about the upcoming twist that I don’t want to spoil here even though no one cares or reads it.. In primetime, we watched Community (lol.. it was okay), Parks & Recreation (lol), The Office (lol, good episode) and 30 Rock (lol.. though I lost interest for over half of it.. too many Valentine episodes this week perhaps..). And that was about it again.

See ya.

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