tuhday, mate!

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I awoke in the morning and got online.. But it was soon time to head out to the hospital again. Argh. First, we had to see someone about enrolling for some kind of insurance or something to pay for my very expensive time in the hospital.. then waited a little while in this vending machine room until it was time for the leg rewrapping appointment. :/ ..We eventually returned home and watched Ellen.

I was wanting to stream some movies, but my dad had other things to do.. so instead I watched Chuck (haha, the museum exterior is the Power Rangers Command Center.. that was great.. but I actually liked the Superman reference more.. Chuck stated to Kristin Kreuk’s character — not Lana Lang :p — about liking the “strong kind of Supermanny type of guy” when referring to Brandon Routh’s character.. the actor who played Superman in Superman Returns.. lol.. very good episode too), Heroes (season finale.. I liked how they spread out the story slowly, trying to make it similar to Season 1.. but that said, this season was.. just okay.. though this finale.. WOW.. please bring it back, NBC 🙂 ) and The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (..um..).

Not long after that, I spent some time in PlayStation Home up until 6PM.. I got online to news-gather, then eventually had some supper. I then stayed online for an extra hour while my dad wasted it watching Ellen on American Idol. Ugh.. I then watched Lost (another really good episode.. mostly due to the awesome return of Claire.. I’ve so missed Emilie de Ravin *drools* ..making me want to watch Roswell all over again). My dad definitely went to bed by this point. I got online for a bit.. then got through three episodes of My Life As Liz before falling asleep. Another fake reality show for MTV. Ugh. >_>

Uh.. that’s about it. Bubye.

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