Sunday 02.07.2010 — super BORING sunday

I stayed online the night before.. past 4AM. Ack.. And then I awoke at about 7AM this morning and watched iCarly (lol, good episode), The Troop (Valentines episode.. and right away my favorite episode of the series so far.. Victoria Justice as a hot fairy chick? win! :p), Big Time Rush (haha, nice), the final three episodes of Galidor (great finale, such a shame it wasn’t renewed.. I heard since it fell into Disney’s hands with their Saban / Fox Kids purchase, they would only renew if Allegra had left the show.. lame :/ ).. and CSI (getting behind on this show.. and a few others).

And of course, the last show was the one I fell asleep during. Argh.. I awoke some hours later to my dad returning from some errands. We had a very early supper of some fried chicken (dad loves it, I’m too lazy to eat around the bones most of the time.. lol) and watched some Super Bowl pre-game. Blah. I got online for a while.. and before I knew it, the game was starting. I mainly watched for the commercials, as usual. There were some pretty funny ones. The GoDaddy commercials continue to be annoying. Yeah, offensive to women.. but I’m more angered about tricking guys to go to their site, thinking they’ll see “something more”.. and it never ends up that way. I’m a guy, so yeah. :p

Kinda sad that the Colts lost.. I guess.. *shrug* ..Anyway, after my dad was done watching the post-game coverage, we watched the night’s two new episodes of Til Death (lol.. odd how they’re airing new episodes from two different points in the series, since plot lines from the first episode last week sorta continue in the first one here.. and the same with the second episodes.. must have a LOT of unaired episodes on the shelf, like with their animated series). And.. that was pretty much it..?

See ya. *promptly falls asleep*

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