I awoke in the morning and got online to news-gather. My dad used the snowy weather excuse in order to not go to dialysis even though it hadn’t gotten all that deep at all by that point.. or even started at all. Ugh.. He went to back to bed, then I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (haha, not bad), Make It Or Break It (this one’s still better though), Chuck (great episode 🙂 ) and Greek (also a pretty good episode).

My dad awoke and we watched some morning TV. I got online for a bit.. After his news, we watched House (hah, good episode.. but he fell asleep like halfway through, argh). And then I alone watched CSI NY (ack, need to catch up here now), The Sarah Silverman Program (lol.. to start anyway), Heroes (pretty good episode) and four more episodes of Galidor (good times.. six episodes left 😦 ). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched the two-hour Smallville “movie” “Absolute Justice” (wow, awesome two-parter.. loved every minute 🙂 ), eventually followed by The Soup (lol). And that was pretty much it…

I get a little sad every time my dad makes a mistake or can’t remember things that should be pretty easy to remember. He’s having more and more problems like this, as well as more physical pain. *sigh* ..However, I’ve been off my antidepressant for about a week now (only have about three left) and feel about the same. *shrug* See ya.

[ World Court Action Filed Against Bush, Cheney, More ]
[ How The NWO Evil Elite Are Destroying Our Democracy ]
[ Who’s Left? A Few Ultra-Rich & The Tapped-Out Masses ]
[ Bizarre ‘Flower’ Seen Above Australia – Satellite Pics ]
[ Swine Flu Pandemic Wave 3 Confirmed In US ]
[ H1N1 3rd Wave Start Signaled By Increase In NC Cases ]
[ British Declare Swine Flu Pandemic ‘Over’ ]
[ Another Swine Flu Vaccine Recall ]
[ Maitreya, Japanese Stock Collapse & WWIII ]
[ Brain Scanners Will Be Reading Our Minds ]
[ CIA Has Program To Assassinate US Citizens ]
[ Fears Over Google Alliance With NSA ]
[ Walmart – Slavers Of The Third World ]
[ Poor Brits – Army May Begin ‘Anti-Terror’ Street Patrols ]
[ Video: Danger In The Sky – Chemtrails ]
[ Video: Chemtrails – Inside And Out ]
[ Dennis Kucinich Went Vegan – Crohn’s Gone! ]
[ No-Kill Test Tube Meat Nears ]
[ NASA’s Most Amazing Photos Of Pluto Ever ]
[ Hubble Sees Pluto Changing Color, Ice Sheet Cover ]
[ New Technique To Seek Life On Distant Planets ]


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