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With the high ratings of last night’s final season premiere of the ABC hit series Lost, the network has already announced a quite similar event for the show’s series finale on May 23rd. The series’ THIRTEENTH recap special will air at 8PM ET before the final two hours of the show at 9PM ET. Cannot wait. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry, then got on PlayStation Home for a few hours.. and probably buying too many items. lol @ the eyeball head. As it sounds, it turns your avatar’s head into one huge eye ball. lol. And I bought it too, along with those new scifi-esque costumes — Astronaut & Cyclops. Sucks I can’t save both. All nine of my avatar save tiles are already filled up. 😦 ..My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV, then we soon headed out. Hooray.

First, we headed to the bank so I could pay the cable bill. I only started paying it because my dad couldn’t when he had to start paying for a “new” car instead. But now the car’s paid up.. and now he’s calling this my “rent”. Haha. :/ Our cable bill’s probably too high btw — $148/month for cable TV (with no premium channels!) and cable internet. And I pay all but that extra 8 out of my monthly check.

We headed off to Best Buy next, where I picked up Planet Hulk on Blu-ray (no store exclusive comic book on-pack.. a day late and I missed it already? the DVDs only have a store exclusive poster.. watch them show up next week or something, argh.. nice to have the Hulk episode of Wolverine & The X-Men on Blu though, goes nicely with my Hulk Vs Blu 🙂 ..since the episode is a sequel to it and all..) and the Code Geass R2 Part 3 DVD set (ugh @ spreading out the episodes so that they could release one more set for this season.. ah well, hope to finally watch the complete series on DVD next month).

And after that, we went in search of a 7-Eleven. The closest one to us, according to the website, was pretty far away. But I got my dad to go anyway. And we didn’t find it. Uuugh. Waste of gas, so my dad’s pissed. And it all had to do with this PlayStation Home-related promotion. Must have all those virtual shirts damnit. Luckily, some helpful people on the Home forum got the three shirts from Slurpee. Now I just need a Mountain Dew 20oz / 2liter redeem code in order to get the Mtn Dew hoodie and GoW3 shirt #2. The Mtn Dew hoodie looks great.. and I drink the stuff all the time.. but the codes are only on flyers on the bottles at 7-Eleven. 😦

We returned home and my dad soon went to sleep. I returned to PlayStation Home for a little while and hung out with a few friends for a bit, then watched four more episodes of Galidor (getting better and better.. almost want to up the number of episodes watched back up to five a day, hmm.. Karen Cliche debuts tomorrow, yay). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, my dad and I watched Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials 2010 (lol.. except the “top 3” which I didn’t think were all that funny), The Middle (lol, especially @ the final scene), Modern Family (lol) and Cougar Town (lol… Busy Phillips is hott >_>). After that.. I fell asleep until like 2:30AM.. then got online and eventually finished up this very entry. :p

Well.. see ya.

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[ White House Forces NASA To Hire ‘Space Taxis’ ]
[ Hubble Detects X Shaped Object Travelling At 11,000 MPH ]
[ All Humans Are Aliens From Space – Scientist ]
[ Chances For Discovery Of Alien Life Greater Than Ever ]



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