iron man armored adventures s1 dvd / today

TVShowsOnDVD reports on a new DVD title listing over at — for Iron Man: Armored Adventures – The Complete Season 1 on DVD May 4th. Again, just in time for the theatrical release of Iron Man 2 later that week. :p I’m sort of disappointed that they didn’t continue the series on Blu-ray after the Best Buy exclusive Volume 1.. but I like the series enough that I’ll likely buy this anyway (glad I didn’t buy any DVD volumes after the Blu Vol 1). I hope it’ll be available at more stores than just Amazon though, as TSoD is speculating. :/

I awoke in the morning and got online.. pretty much all morning.. finishing that damn previous entry,. Argh. lol.. Eventually, we watched some morning TV.. and I soon fell asleep for a few hours. Damn. 😐 ..I awoke a few hours later and watched four more episodes of Galidor (ooh, the show’s getting better.. liked these episodes more.. can’t wait for Karen Cliche to show up, she’s hott :p ).

Next, I followed that with Family Guy (rofl, especially @ the bit connecting Israel to 9/11, good job πŸ™‚ ), American Dad (lol) and Being Human (wow, good episode). And then I got onto PlayStation Home for a little while. We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, my dad and I watched Human Target (haha, another very good episode πŸ™‚ ).. then he went to bed early once the Lost season premiere started (wow, they sure know how to get me scratching my head.. awesome start to the final season.. and yay, Emilie de Ravin’s back πŸ™‚ ..I liked how they first showed some of the characters we haven’t seen in a while, all slowly or something.. like “…TADA!” :p).

I got online for a little after that.. but returned to the living room.. and fell asleep for the night. Damnit. Damnit. Damnit.. See ya.


One Response to “iron man armored adventures s1 dvd / today”

  1. Fortress Guy Says:

    On Iron Man: Armored Adventures — The high school thing gets old on occasion – with some characters more than others – and it is very blatantly and transparently going for the teen angst angle. Still the show is redeemable.

    At least cared for the source material. The armors are mostly fun, the Mandarin is back, and the unibeam is round. The action scenes are mostly well done.

    Here is my take on the show with lots of pics and a little wit if you are interested:

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