another year older… well, physically anyway

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry. And then I fit in the first four episodes of Galidor: Defenders Of The Outer Dimension (not enough time to do it later today, so I better fit it in early.. this was a lot more cheesy than I remember it, lol.. still a good show though :p). We had some breakfast and then watched some morning TV. And then it was off to the library.

Anymore, it seems like there a new PC reservation system every time I go the library (well, except this time since the last time was just a week ago). Reserve a time and terminal.. and wait. And even if another computer becomes free for a long amount of time.. wait until your computer is free. Grrr. So I eventually got in there and printed the coupon I needed to print and then we took off again.. Next, we went to the hospital for another leg rewrapping. Argh. We’re having problems securing insurance to pay for these long socks.. that I would have to wear for the rest of my life or my legs would swell up again. Great.

We returned home, but didn’t go inside. Instead, we just got the mail and headed out again.. After a stop at the bank, we went out for an early supper.. for my birthday. Yay. I had a coupon.. that I had printed up at the library earlier this morning. :p ..We returned home and watched Ellen, then got online to news-gather..

In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol), Accidentally On Purpose (haha), Two & A Half Men (lol), The Big Bang Theory (rofl, good episode) and CSI Miami. But I barely saw any of the latter though. I fell asleep pretty early into it.. and didn’t wake up until like 2AM. Damnit. Hate it when that happens. 😐

Well.. see ya.

[ Why Are US, UK Govts Creating Mass Hysteria? Part 2 ]
[ UK Plan To Oust Saddam Made Two Years Before The ‘War’ ]
[ Try Bush/Cheney/Obama/Blair For War Crimes – Not KSM ]
[ Obama, Brown Guilty Of War Crimes, Mass Genocide? ]
[ Obama To Admit $1.6 Trillion Deficit ]
[ Commie Obama Hits It ‘Rich’ With $1.9 Trillion Tax Hike ]
[ Obama Says Next 5 Years Will See $5.08 Trillion More Debt ]
[ Blankfein Of Goldman Sachs To Get $100 Million Bonus ]
[ Roubini – US Growth Dismal And Poor – Worse Ahead ]
[ Obama Surrendering Internet To Foreign Powers ]
[ Toronto Cops Came And Took My Gun ]
[ Discovery Magazine Covers Weidner On Kubrick Faked Moon Landing ]
[ Obama Abandons Bid To Return To Moon ]
[ Hundreds Of Quakes In Yellowstone ]
[ US Media Covers Up Global Warming ‘Science’ Implosion ]
[ Pentagon To Say Warming Is Real, Destabilizing ]
[ The Depressing News About Antidepressants ]
[ Fluoride Increases Rate Of Decay ]
[ Fluoride Is Killing Us ]
[ Oz 8 and 9 Year Olds Boast About Having Oral Sex ]
[ $7,000 Sex Robot To Go On Sale – Pre-Orders Pile Up ]
[ Could God Exist? ]

[ We, The People, Call For Total National Strike April 15-18 ]


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