Sunday 01.31.2010 — Happy birthday to me– oh wait that’s tomorrow..

I awoke in the morning and got online, then had some breakfast. And then I watched Batman: The Brave And The Bold (hey, why not sit on Tina’s face, Batman? After all, she is the self-professed “best seat in the house”.. lol, surprised they got away with that :p ..the “To Be Continued… In The Next Opening Segment” thing was somewhat annoying though), The Troop (haha, good episode), two episodes of Caprica (or three, since the first is the two-hour premiere? after the interesting pilot, it’s back to the “barely anything happens” thing that so annoyed me with Battlestar.. damnit 😦 ) and two episodes of Life Unexpected (wow, very good show.. really liked it.. nice to see Shiri Appleby back on TV again 🙂 ).

My dad woke back up during the later show.. and then we watched Human Target (very good show.. can;t wait for the next episode) and Leverage (good episode). I got online after that, hoping to then get to the bedroom DVR and watch some long overdue TV there. But I didn’t. Instead, my dad and I watched some stand0up comedy on Comedy Central. We had some supper, then in primetime.. we watched two episodes of Til Death (lol, especially at the B-plot in the second episode about one of the characters suspecting he was in a sitcom :p), Simpsons (lol), Cleveland Show (lol), Larry The Cable Guy: Tailgate Party (rofl) and Desperate Housewives (lol, very good episode :p).

And that was pretty much it.. See ya.

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