ugly betty canceled / ps home jan 28 / today

Here’s a bit of surprise to me.. ABC has canceled Ugly Betty after four seasons on the network. I liked the show.. yet haven’t gotten around to watching any episodes of the new season yet. Most of it’s on the bedroom DVR waiting to be watched. :/

According to PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Home won’t have all that many interesting updates this week. We’re finally getting the EU’s London Pub.. But meanwhile, the EU will be getting a Heavy Rain space as part of the “Four Days” promotional mystery game.. thing. In order to access the space, you’ll need to sign up to the UK page and get a code for a free “Access All Areas” Home T-shirt. We’ve been promised that the T-shirt and space will be coming to the US version of Home too.. but where is it? 😦 *sigh*

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry. Then just as I was turning on PlayStation Home.. my dad returned home from dialysis. D’oh. We watched some morning TV and had some late breakfast before he went off to bed.. and then I fell asleep. Damn.. I awoke a few hours later.. and my dad woke up too. Strange. Then I watched four more episodes of Lost: Season 5 (great episodes.. don’t think I’ll watch the whole series altogether until I get them all on Blu.. and this is my first one on Blu, so it may be a while *shrug*).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. In primetime, my dad still wasn’t feeling very good. 😦 ..Oh, and since Obama ruins the whole night on TV, we watched The Mentalist (heh, good episode). My dad went to bed early.. so then I watched two more episodes of Legend of the Seeker (wow, some good episodes here.. heehee, cute seeing Kara in looove :p ..and now I’m caught up again.. yay 🙂 ). After that, I returned to my room for the night.

I really think the Prozac is working. Even with my dad’s endless complaining about how much his life sucks. Too bad they’re almost gone though. Well……. see ya.

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[ UK Children Aged Five ‘Should Get’ Sex Education ]
[ NASA Abandons Mars Spirit Rover In Sand Trap ]


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