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I awoke.. and fell asleep.. then I awoke again and got online for a while. We had some breakfast and soon headed out to media buy for one last time this month…

But first, I headed to the library just to print up a couple things, including a $5 Reward Zone certificate. I really need to buy a new printer, like 246362345 ago. :/ ..Then I moved on to Best Buy and picked up Saw VI on DVD. Oh boy, a copy for the first Saw movie is included. I so haven’t bought that movie twice on DVD already.. Oh wait, I did. :p Then the register somehow wouldn’t accept a price-match and $5 Reward Zone certificate.. as well as the certificate by itself. Argh. 😦

We moved on to the grocery store where I spent my remaining funds on.. food. So they’ve finally caught on to my shoplifting technique. Damn. I only had one item.. put away.. this time and I ended up buying it. *shrug* ..We returned home, then I watched the first three episodes of Lost: Season 5 on Blu-ray. Ack @ SeasonPlay making me have to go through more clicks than usual.. to start the first episode. I’m sure it’s handy to lots of others, but I keep a viewing schedule on text file to help remind me what episodes to watch next. :p And as of late, I’ve gotten lazy and chose to start watching a whole disc a day. And this release goes 3, 4, 4, 4 & 2 episodes on each disc.. so I guess I’ll watch them that way. :p

After that, I watched The Soup (I went in and out of sleep during it on Friday night, so I decided to watch again) and had some supper.. I then got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Scrubs (lol) & Better Off Ted (lol as well).. before my dad fell asleep. Then I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (getting closer to dropping this one.. all that happens is they talk talk talk about sex.. then we rarely SEE any of it, even to an amount okay for basic cable TV.. blah) and Make It Or Break It (definitely liking this one more all the time 🙂 ). And then.. yeah, room.

Bubye now. Alrighty then.

[ The Memory Of The Late Phil Schneider, Survivor Of 1979 ET Fire Fight In Dulce NM ]

[ Chuck Baldwin – What’s Really Going On In Haiti? ]
[ Haiti’s Oil, Gold & Iridium Explains US Post Earthquake Occupation ]
[ UN Troops Hold Back 1,000s Of Hungry Haitians ]
[ Red Tape Keeping Emergency Aid From Haitians ]
[ Child Traffickers Targeting Haitian Orphans? ]
[ Israeli Organ Stealing – Harvesting Haitian Body Parts ]
[ West Urged To Write-Off Haiti’s $1 Billion Debt ]
[ Middle School Student Was Force-Vaccinated ]
[ Video: Great Statement Against Mandatory Vaccination In GA ]
[ New Ukraine Swine Flu Pandemic School Closings ]
[ Duke Death Cluster With H274Y, D225G & D225N ]
[ Video: Officials Admit 2nd Man Arrested In Flight 253 Bomb Case ]
[ Sarah Hoffman – The Woman Who Predicted 9-11 ]
[ Television, Sex Majick & The ‘Brainwashed’ Masses ]
[ TV And Trauma-Based Mind Control ]
[ Why Are US & UK Governments Creating Mass Hysteria? – Part 1 ]
[ Brilliant Filmmaker Defends ‘Defamation’ ]
[ Video: Click Here To View ‘Defamation’ ]
[ Video: A Closer Look At Israel’s Role In Terrorism – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ]
[ Holocaust A Jewish Invention – Top Polish Bishop ]
[ Video: Who Brought the Slaves To America? One Guess ]
[ Anyone Against ‘Audit The Fed’ Is The Enemy ]
[ Video: Kid Expelled For Unloaded Shotgun In Car Off Campus ]
[ Anti-Terror Cops Stop Kids TV Stars For Glittery Hairdryers ]
[ Army Tries To Cover Murder Of Female Soldier In Iraq ]
[ Obama Uses Prompters – Even In A Sixth Grade Class ]
[ Obama’s Speech May Leave Climate Out In The Cold ]
[ Green Property – House That Costs £60 A Year To Heat ]
[ Ancient Civilization Discovered In Amazon ]
[ 7,000 Yr Old Man Found With Expertly Amputated Arm ]
[ Only 35 Sign Up To Pay To Read Newsday Online ]
[ Man Biologically Capable Of Running 40mph ]
[ LED Tattoos Could Turn Skin Into Screens ]
[ Colliding Particles CAN Make Black Holes – Think LHC ]
[ Video: The True Story Of The Philadelphia Experiment ]
[ Royal Society Meets To Discuss If ETs Are On Earth ]
[ ETs Visiting Earth Will Be Just Like Humans ]
[ Earth Becoming Invisible To Aliens ]



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