Sunday 01.24.2010 — …yay Colts…

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish the previous entry, then soon looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday (still unsure what to spend my remaining money on.. except Saw VI of course). Next, I watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Time Force (“Undercover Rangers” & “Time For Lightspeed” were especially good.. time for the final five episodes tomorrow.. then onto Lost: Season 5 on Blu-ray!), followed by Heroes (finally fit it in.. good episode) and Legend of the Seeker (also a pretty good episode.. I really need to catch up with this one, still have two more to watch).

The Colts game was starting soon, so I gave the TV over to my dad and got online for most of the afternoon.. and also watched parts of the game. Especially the ending. We won. Yay. Going to the Super Bowl again.. We had some supper, then eventually watched my next Netflix selection — Adventureland. I could my dad didn’t like it. He kept getting up.. then he went to bed. I liked it.. somewhat. Kristen Stewart was soo much hotter in this than that Twilight BS. But it had too much drama and not enough comedy, even though I had heard it was mispromoted as a comedy before seeing it. Glad I didn’t buy when I was considering it. But good movie though.

I got online for a bit, then tried to watch something.. and fell asleep instead. Damnit. 😡

See ya.

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