Saturday 01.23.2010 — >>TWIST!<<

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry. And then eventually, I watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Time Force (Destiny arc, awesome episodes.. definitely a highlight of the season, and possibly the series.. such a shame that Jackie Marchand departed Power Rangers RPM before she could reunite with Judd Lynn.. I noticed a lot of these PRTF episodes lately have been written by both of them).

And I followed that with two episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (the rerun of “Food Fight” as well as the “new” episode 107/2007: “Big Sisters”.. heh, I liked this stroll down memory lane as well.. the additions seems to be getting fewer and more far between.. they showed the “Today On” AND the shortened “de-dumptering” scene before the opening credits this time, ack :p).

After that, I also watched Big Time Rush (haha :p), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (not bad) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (good episode). I found something to watch on TV.. and then I fell asleep for a few hours. Ugh. My dad took over the TV and found some Married With Children reruns to watch. We had some supper and watched some syndicated reruns of Family Guy & The Office before I finally got online for a few hours. I checked some sites, downloaded, etc etc..

We caught some of the SNL rerun before my dad headed to bed, then I ended up watching the latest three episodes of 24 and got caught up with that. Yay. I took online breaks in between and never really fell asleep. I got back online once more as it reached 4AM. Damn., I should really get some sleep.

‘Night.. and.. See ya..

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[ Bank Rescue Chief Had Large Debts With Bank ]
[ 77% Of US Investors Think Obama Is Anti-Business ]
[ Democrats In Bind Over Passage Of Obama’s Bank Bill ]
[ Call To Arrest Five Supreme Court Justices For Treason ]
[ The New ‘Move Over’ Traffic Law Few Know About ]
[ Witness Reports Cast Doubt On Cause Of Concorde Crash ]
[ 25% US Grain Crops Fed To Cars – Not People ]
[ The Seven Most Toxic Places To Live ]
[ 100 Year Old Watch Found In Tomb Sealed 400 Years ]
[ Blue Book 1957 Encounter With Spacecraft Occupants ]
[ NZ Newspaper Readers Send In UFO Photos ]



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