o-nay ews-nay / today

I awoke in the morning and got online, then watched Secret Life of the American Teenager (getting bored by this show now.. I would soo drop it if it weren’t for the hot chicks on it :p ), Make It Or Break It (good show here though) and Blue Mountain State (lol, pocket pussy). Then I finally got online to finish up the previous entry. *ahem* ..My dad returned home from dialysis. We watched Ellen. then headed out to the hospital.

The guy did an even sloppier job of rewrapping my legs than before. Ugh. :/ And now they’re asking for $73 for these socks so that I don’t need to return any more.. since I don’t seem to have any kind of insurance.. We returned home.. and I soon got onto PlayStation Home for a little while. I watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Time Force (more great episodes, especially “Movie Madness”, lol.. and the “Destiny” arc is up for tomorrow, yay).. then returned to PlayStation Home again for a little while.

My dad awoke from his sleep and we had some supper, then I got online.. My dad started watching the telethon, which I wanted no part in.. so I stayed online. Well, until he started looking for something else to watch anyway. Then I returned and we watched Castle (not bad), Medium (good episode.. lol @ Joe’s subplot) and The Soup (lol). But I fell asleep during the latter.. and missed Conan’s last show. 😦 Ah well. I’m planning to download and save his last week anyway.. like I did with Late Night..

See ya.

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[ Woman Kills Lover By Sitting On Him ]


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