robot chicken s5 & 6 renewal / today

Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim have picked up its hit series Robot Chicken for two more seasons, its fifth and sixth. That’s 40 episodes total. Wow. Coool. 🙂

I awoke early in the morning once again and finished up the previous entry. Argh. And then I threw some new PlayStation Home photos into my Photobucket. My latest avatar creation looks a lot like a Power Rangers villain if I do say so myself.. and even moreso when in my Ratchet & Clank personal space. Teehee. :p They also finally brought over the Black Irem Brigade costume from Japan last week. It looks like something out of sentai as well (like a black Putty Patroller or something), but it’s $5 (99 cents for each piece of clothing, ack) and I can’t afford that right now. 😦

I waited online until PlayStation Home got back online from its weekly maintenance, then I got the PS3 online.. and watched the boring morning news with my dad. Somehow, he enjoys watching the same news stories, weather & traffic every ten minutes. *rolls eyes* ..I eventually snuck onto PlayStation Home a few times when my dad left the room for whatever reasons. We watched some morning TV.. then we both fell asleep for bit. :p ..I awoke and got on PlayStation Home again, but then he woke up and we soon watched Ellen and his news.

But not long after that, I took over again and returned to PlayStation Home. And I got sorta sidetracked and stayed in there all afternoon. At about 4:30PM, I finally watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Time Force (more very good episodes here, yay.. especially “Trip Takes A Stand” & “Quantum Secrets” 🙂 ). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Community (lol), Parks & Recreation (lol), The Office (haha, clipshow :p ..some very good clips though), 30 Rock (lol) and Grey’s Anatomy (fell asleep during it again, oh well.. lol). And.. that was about it..?


[ Haiti Disaster ‘Seen’ By US Military The Day Before ]
[ Satellite Images Show Huge Haiti Quake Damage ]
[ Video: Ron Paul – ‘We Need To Take The CIA Out’ ]
[ Ron Paul – After ‘CIA Coup’ The Agency Runs The Military ]
[ Al-CIAda Trying To Cause India-Pakistan War – Gates ]
[ OVERWHELMING Lies To America By Obama ]
[ Health ‘Reform’ Bill Penalizes Married Couples ]
[ States Can REJECT Unconstitutional Federal Laws ]
[ US Airways Plane Diverted Over Jewish Prayer Items ]
[ American TSA Gestapo Plays ‘Prank’ On Girl ]
[ Recession-Linked Crime Wave Not Here Yet ]
[ H1N1 Pandemic Infections Far More Than Thought ]
[ 19 Yr Old Girl Left Battling Blindness From Tamiflu ]
[ The Impending Yellowstone Eruption & The Book Of Revelation ]
[ Failed End Of The World Prophecies 30 AD To 1920 AD ]
[ Why Your Sofa May Harm Your Health ]
[ Dumb Teens – 29% Think Oats Grow On Trees ]
[ Meteorite Strikes Doctor’s Office In Lorton, VA ]
[ Death Of UFO Expert Paul Vigay ‘A Mystery’ ]


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