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This may be a bit old by now. but I don’t care. I’m linking anyway.. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight producer Nathan Long has done a post-series interview with Henshin Justice Unlimited. Prepare for “budget and time” to be said 234536356 times for the answers to why some scenes weren’t done or shown. :p There was some cool stuff they weren’t able to do..

The Hollywood Reporter LiveFeed reports that FOX is preparing a US version of the hit BBC series Torchwood. The original producing team is on board to create this new version, and some of the UK cast is likely to be involved as well — including John Barrowman as the lead character Capt. Jack Harkness. Here’s hoping it doesn’t suck. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online.. then fell asleep again.. I awoke again, finish up the previous entry, watched last night’s iCarly (lol, good episode) and had some breakfast.. I followed that with some time online and some morning TV. And then I fell asleep again. Damn.. This time I awoke shortly after 11AM to find an empty apartment. My dad was gone and my hospital appointment was in less than 30 minutes.

So I began getting ready.. and then my dad came home from the grocery store. He was running late of course. We got ready and headed out to the the hospital as fast as we could. We were late for the appointment, but got in the leg rewrapping anyway. I had the guy today though. He raced through it very quickly and a bit sloppily just to get it over with. Ugh. And then they scheduled me for next week a bit too close together. :/

We returned home and watched Ellen, then I watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Time Force (good episodes, especially Time Shadow 🙂 ).. followed by Chuck (good episode too) and 24 (only had time for the first hour, but it’s a rather interesting start 🙂 ). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

My dad wanted to watch American Idol just because of Shania Twain as a guest judge.. so I stayed online for most of that extra hour. And then we watched Scrubs (lol), Better Off Ted (lol) and Human Target (good episode, though not as good as the first.. still like Guerrero though :p ..during the first episode, I thought that he reminded me of Rorschach in Watchmen.. and then today I see the cool comic-inspired opening credits and find out that it’s the same actor, lol :p ). Soon after that, I fell asleep.. for the entire night. Missed another Conan. Damnitdamnitdamnit. 😡

See ya.

[ US Accused Of ‘Occupying’ Haiti As Troops Pour In ]
[ France, US Bicker As Haiti Aid Fails To Reach City ]
[ Haiti’s Orphans To The US? – Let Haitians Keep Them ]
[ Medics Warn Of Infection Risk To 3 Million Haitians ]
[ US Swine Flu Epidemic Ends With A Whimper ]
[ Brown Defeats Coakley In Huge Blow To Obama ]
[ Brown Victory May Stop Comprehensive Amnesty Legislation ]
[ MA Senate – A Populist Protest Vote Against Wall St Puppets ]
[ US Army Sets New Suicide Record ]
[ Outsourcing War – Rise Of Private Military Contractors (PMCs) ]
[ Pakistan Is Fully Prepared For World War III ]
[ Zionist Takeover Of Once Great Germany Complete ]
[ Poor Defamed Jews Caught Torturing, Organ Harvesting ]
[ Guantánamo ‘Suicides’ Carried Out At Secret Site ]
[ Bad News For Global Warming ‘Scientists’ ]
[ The Mystery Of The Non-Disappearing Glaciers ]
[ Earthquakes Rumble Yellowstone ]
[ No Deaths from Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids Or Herbs ]
[ TV Chef In Tears As US Fatties Resist Healthy Food ]
[ Now They Say Atlantis May Be Buried In Spain (yawn) ]


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