xiii the conspiracy dvd blu / today

The 2008 mini-series XIII: The Conspiracy, based on the 1984 comic book series that inspired the 2003 video game, will hit Blu-ray & DVD on February 9th.. or April 6th.. I find it odd that the Blu-ray has such a longer runtime. The DVD will run 138mins, but the Blu will go for 180mins..? Strange.. I may just pick this one up, especially after news that a TV series is on the way now as well. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and soon watched The Troop (lol, good episode.. definitely a favorite), CSI NY (it was alright) and the final four episodes of 24: Season 7 (sooo glad to have this over with.. and I didn’t really pay attention until the last episode.. which all that matters anyway right now *shrug*). My dad returned home from dialysis and was acting grumpier than usual. *sigh* We watched some Ellen, then he eventually went to bed.

And I watched the first five episodes of Power Rangers Time Force. Woohoo. Ever since the German DVD sets came out, I’ve been watching the seasons in order one at a time.. now mostly on data DVDs in the PS3 though. And now I’ve finally found time for Time Force. 🙂 Very good start, though I believe I like a lot of the episodes that come later more. I’ll probably buy the Disney seasons on DVD from the UK when I get around to those.. even though I already have all the official US DVDs. :p

I followed them up with Leverage (cool, good episode), then got onto PlayStation Home for a little while (fun). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol.. and Amanda Peet, hott), Accidentally On Purpose (eh it was okay), Two & A Half Men (lol), The Big Bang Theory (rofl.. loved the line about Sheldon not liking that Windows 7 is more user-friendly, lol) and CSI Miami (wow @ that opening..). But I fell asleep during the last show.. and didn’t wake until like 4AM. Missed Conan again. 😦 *looks for download again*

Well.. see ya..

[ US Takes Main Haiti Airport – Hinders Aid Flights ]
[ US Blocking Aid Planes From Landing At Haiti Airport ]
[ US Bars Hospital Plane – Blocked From Landing In Haiti ]
[ Haiti Was Already A Grim Environmental Disaster ]
[ Disaster Capitalism Headed To Haiti ]
[ To Save Haiti – Fire Gen Keen, Start Air Drops, Cancel Debt ]
[ Intelligence Ties To Underwear Bomber ]
[ Obama White House Lying – There Is NO Recovery ]
[ Video: The Staggering TRUTH About Obama Health Care ]
[ Video: America Needs A Miracle In MA Tuesday – Vote Brown ]
[ Passenger Arrested As Terrorist For Twitter Joke ]
[ Travelers To US Can’t Fly Without e-Approval ]
[ British Airways Won’t Let Men Sit Next To Children ]
[ MLK Assassinated By US Government – Civil Trial 1999 Decision ]
[ Sibel Edmonds Exposed Zionist Espionage ]
[ Makow – ‘Popular Music’ – A Key Illuminati Tool ]
[ Video: Anniversary Of The Overthrow Of Hawaiian Kingdom ]
[ Germany Warns Not To Use Microsoft Internet Explorer ]
[ Teen Access To Porn Killing Intimacy In Sex ]
[ Pope Shooter Freed – Says World To End Soon ]
[ Dome Over Moon Crater Aristarcus? ]


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