Sunday 01.17.2010 — I owns Jennifer’s Body.. on Blu-ray..

[Current Music Download|Ron Wasserman – Go Go Power Rangers (TEAM BANZAI More Metal Remix) @ MediaFire]

I awoke in the morning and.. got online to finish the previous entry. Damnit. Tired of having to do that in the morning. 😐 ..I looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday (looking more and more likely I won’t be getting any DVDs this week.. have to save for the following week again.. and food, I guess..), then watched Fringe (wow, very good episode.. possibly my favorite so far this season.. it reminded me a bit of X-Files 🙂 ), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (had to see this episode.. JSA reunion after all, hehe) and four more episodes of 24: Season 7 (..yeah.. didn’t really pay all that much attention again).

And then I fell asleep during the latter as well. :/ ..My dad woke me up to shut off the PS3, then we soon watched Jennifer’s Body on Blu-ray. As expected, my dad didn’t enjoy it all that much.. but I really liked it. Heehee. Almost wanna watch it again very soon.. or perhaps one scene in particular.. *ahem* Anyway, we had some supper, then I got online for a bit..

In primetime, we watched Funniest Videos (haha), Human Target (wow, really liked this one.. especially liked the Guerrero character :p ..glad I don’t have to wait until Wednesday to get episode 2, it airs in Canada tomorrow and will no doubt show up online shortly thereafter 🙂 ), Desperate Housewives (lol, another good episode this week) and then we checked out the last hour of the Golden Globes (Avatar wins Best Picture Drama.. surprised me as much as it did James Cameron, wow.. gotta see that movie damnit).

And that was about it for another day.. See ya. 😐

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