Saturday 01.16.2010 — >>>KLUTZ!<<<

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish the previous entry, then I eventually watched Castle (haha, good episode.. Alyssa Milano..), the second episode of Blue Mountain State (lol, another good one).. and two more episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Ruined — 2005: “A Different Drum” & 2006: “Food Fight” (they actually weren’t as bad this week.. either I’m getting used to the crap effects.. or there’s less of them this week.. I especially enjoyed the classic “Food Fight”, hehe :p ..though the appearance of “KLUTZ!” on the screen when Billy fell was still pretty lame :/ ).

Next, I watched four more episodes of 24: Season 7. Though I must admit I’m barely really watching them. I’ve seen all these episodes already, but I really want to get these DVDs watched before I get to the new season. Maybe I’ll stop watching the new season early on so that the next DVD will be new to me again. That was cool when I did that for a few previous seasons. Hmm.. Once those episodes were over, I got the PS3 online checked out PlayStation Home for a little bit.

But at 6PM, my dad wanted to start watching his football pregame stuff. So I shut it off, returned to my room and got online. And I pretty much wasted the rest of the evening there. Online. I was wanting to get to the bedroom DVR again.. but that never happened.. Then I fell asleep early again and missed all of SNL. My antidepressant (Prozac) makes me drowsy. Damnit. But I do think they’re working though. :/

Well, that’s pretty much it. See ya…

[ US-Run Haiti Aid Effort Chillingly Similar To Katrina ]
[ Strange, Katrina-Like Chaos In Haiti ‘Help’ ]
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[ ‘Even Charles Manson Could Beat Obama Now’ ]
[ MA Senate Race Could End ObamaCare ]
[ MD Faked Research On Deadly Drugs Like Vioxx ]
[ Vioxx – 27,785 Deaths Before Merck Finally Withdrew ]
[ Bat Catastrophe Spreading – Bats May Never Recover ]



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