vr troopers spoof cast fandub / today

HeroPower has discovered a rare VR Troopers video on YouTube. This video in which the cast jokingly dubbed an episode of the show was made around the time that they found out the show was canceled and they chose to make the best of it. Beware the fowl language. :p lol @ all the Power Rangers references.. and just about everything else that’s hilarious. And there’s also some very funny bloopers at the end as well. Why are you still reading this? Watch it already. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online, then watched Make It Or Break It (good episode), Heroes (even better episode :p) and two episodes of 24: Season 7 (didn’t pay much attention to the first.. then fell asleep during the second). I would have watched more, but my dad came home.. and then I totally forgot about today’s hospital visit.. So my dad returned home from dialysis and we watched Ellen, then I watched Blue Mountain State (lol, like a teen sex comedy movie made into a series.. only toned down for cable TV.. sweet :p).

Eventually, we got ready and headed out to the hospital for yet another leg rewrapping. Its sounding like my visits are just about over. I actually look forward to my visits. My dad hates them though. They really drink up his gas.. We picked up some food on the way home as an early supper, then we returned home. My dad wasn’t feeling that great due to dialysis, so he went to bed pretty soon after getting home.

I watched two more episodes of 24: Season 7, then went into PlayStation Home (the King Knuckles helmet is awesome, lol) for a while. At 8PM, I watched Fringe (good episode.. from Season 1 :p), Dollhouse (wow, great “present day’ series finale.. now we must wait two weeks for Epitaph Two just because of that Haiti telethon.. damn) and The Soup (lol). My dad woke up about halfway through those shows. After them, I briefly got on PlayStation Home again.. before I returned to my room for the night.. and got online to news-gather. :p

See ya.

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