heavy rain unedited in us / media / today

With Quantic Dreams’ last title back on the PlayStation 2 — Indigo Prophecy (aka Fahrenheit) — being edited for its US release to remove a sex scene, some expected their upcoming PlayStation 3 game Heavy Rain to be edited as well once a video was leaked online showing the main female character stripping down to almost nothing (digiboobies!). But PlayStation Blog has released a look at the North American cover art for Heavy Rain and revealed that the game will get a M for Mature rating from the ESRB for “Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language and Use of Drugs”. They claim this will be the exact same version of the game that the rest of the world will be getting. Yay. Expect it in US stores on February 23rd. *pre-orders ASAP* ..I played a Indigo Prophecy demo on a disc back in the day and really liked the gameplay.. but never got around to actually buying the game. 😦

I awoke in the morning, had some breakfast and watched some of the usual morning TV. But soon, we got ready and took off to the hospital again. They rewrapped my legs yet again. I feel a bit lame not talking to her.. especially since they’re all so nice to me. *sigh* My dad hates the hospital visits because they take up gas.. but I like them.. After that, it was time.. to media buy..

First, I went to WalMart.. and ended up buying nothing. And then I visited Borders, looking for a good cheap calendar.. and ended up buying nothing. And then I went to Best Buy and finally bought the 10 Things I Hate About You: Volume One DVD for a slightly high price of $19.99. You bet your ass I’m gonna use the $10 off the movie coupon that was included inside. Glad I didn’t buy that Blu yet. $14.99 would be nicer than Best Buy $24.99 for it. I got some more dew at the usual Speedway.. and later regretted not getting an icee again.. even though its freezing outside. Damnit.

Out final stop was to the grocery store, where we each bought some things.. And then we finally returned home. It was nearly 5PM by the time we got in the door. That was definitely not enough time to get in today’s DVD episodes of 24, so we only watched the day’s Ellen before I got online to news-gather and inventory the discs.

In primetime, we watched House (haha, good episode.. and I totally forgot to mention that Olivia Wilde looked sooo hot in Year One the other day, definitely the nicest thing to stare at in that movie :p ..here she looks blah and probably on purpose since she’s a doctor, but in the movie she played a princess so.. yeah..), Better Off Ted (lol), Scrubs (lol.. oh, JD’s randomly back as are a couple other alums.. neat 🙂 ..lol @ that last scene :p), another Better Off Ted (lol again.. better keep this show, ABC) and The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (this is the one I fell asleep pretty early into last night.. and tonight I fell asleep late into it.. gawdamnit.. lol.. goes to show how interesting this show is, I guess.. I’m mainly in it to see the hot chicks, especially the new stereotypical Italian one Maria *drools*).

And that’s about it.. until I woke up at 3AM to finish this entry. Ack. :p See ya…

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[ Watching TV Increases Risk Of Heart Disease Death ]
[ Michael Jackson’s Death Officially Ruled Murder ]
[ Mystery Object To Whiz By Earth Wednesday ]
[ MSM Inaccuracies About The 2010 Denver ET Vote ]



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