spider-man 4 scrapped! / tca fox & nbc news / today

It seems Sony Pictures cares more for raking in the dough rather than making a good movie… but we’ve probably known that about the business for a while now. Sony and Sam Raimi have been fighting for creative control of Spider-Man 4 and Sam Raimi has finally given up. And Tobey Maguire is going along with him. 😦 Sony wanted to get the film out by Summer 2011 and Sam Raimi said he couldn’t make a good film that fast.. so he’s out. And so Sony Pictures has now issued a press release announcing that the next Spider-Man film, set for release in 2012, will be a complete reboot of the series with an entirely new cast.. Sony forcing Venom into Spider-Man 3 wasn’t that great of a decision (even though I wanted to see the origin story in live-action for forever.. and they ended up dropping the ball, of course). Just.. felt like saying that..

A lot of news has come out from the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour recently, from the boring American Idol talk (Simon’s leaving.. and yet the show will go on.. damnit!) to the awesome Glee news (Season 2 pick-up already.. and a casting call reality show on the way! Hooray! *sarcasm*). In other FOX news, Bones will air its 100th episode (directed by co-star David Boreanaz) on April 8th and Family Guy will celebrate its 150th episode on May 2nd..

Huge news also came out of NBC: Jay Leno will no longer air at 10PM after February 12th. NBC is hoping to wedge him back into the schedule for a half-hour at 11:35PM, followed by Conan O’Brien at 12:05AM and Jimmy Fallon at 1:05AM. Ack. I’m sorta hoping Conan jumps ship to FOX (as rumored) after this BS.

I was just going to be lazy and link to my Twitter which retweeted these stories instead of typing them out here. :/

I awoke in the morning.. and didn’t have to finish the previous entry for once. Wow.. I soon watched the first four episodes of 24: Season 7 on DVD (another last minute run-through before the Season 8 premiere on Sunday :p). My dad returned home from dialysis feeling bad. 😦 We watched some Ellen before he went off to sleep. I then got onto PlayStation Home for a little bit.

My dad soon awoke and we watched most of Desperate Housewives.. before he fell asleep again and eventually returned to bed.. Next, I watched last night’s two episodes of Chuck (wow, very good start to the season.. loved these episodes πŸ™‚ ). Soon after they were over, I got online to news-gather. My dad then awoke again soon after that and we had some fast food for supper because he didn’t feel like cooking.

In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (damn, what little spoilers I read for this 100th episode had me excited.. then they copped out with the whole foot thing.. damnit.. very good episode nonetheless though πŸ™‚ ), Accidentally On Purpose (lol?), Two & A Half Men (lol), Big Bang Theory (lol) and CSI Miami (ooh, Pheonicks was kinda hot.. stupid original spelling.. good episode though). My dad went to bed during the last show, then I tried to watch one of the many shows I had DVRed tonight.. and failed when I fell asleep for some hours. Damnit. 😦

Well.. see ya..

[ Euro Health Chief – Drug Firms Cashed In On Swine Flu ]
[ Transmission Of Fatal H1N1 D225G/N Accelerates Concerns ]
[ IV Vitamin C Saves NZ Man With Flu Damaged Lung ]
[ WHO Scientists Corruption Scandals Appear Endemic ]
[ The Recession Is Over – The Depression Just Beginning ]
[ US Slides Deeper Into Depression As Wall St Laughs ]
[ Criminal Fed To Court To Protect Bailout Secrets ]
[ North Korea Calls For Peace Treaty With US ]
[ Oliver Stone – US Elite Funded Hitler (Wall St Banksters) ]
[ Eisenhower’s Slaughter Of Nearly Two Million German POWs ]
[ Audiences Experience ‘Avatar’ Depression & Suicidal Thoughts ]
[ Makow – Pagan ‘AVATAR’ Peddles Nature Worship ]
[ Rare Self-Rolling Giant Snow Balls Found In UK ]
[ Scientists Find Gene That Regulates Heart Beat ]
[ McDonalds Begins Three Year Study Of Cow Flatulence ]
[ ‘Sex Robot’ Can Talk About Football ]


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