Sunday 01.10.2010 — Prome wants a Power Rangers museum like the Simpsons one in tonight’s special

I fell asleep too early last night and didn’t even see any SNL. Damn.. I awoke at 4:30AM and got online to finish up the previous entry (just the bottom links again), then.. eventually fell asleep again.. I awoke a few hours later, looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday, had some breakfast and watched another episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (Sleeper Assassins.. wished they had covered the Oklahoma City bombing a bit more, but oh well..).

I.. fell asleep again, awoke.. then got online for a while. I also watched a couple episodes on the computer (I missed some episodes when my bedroom DVR got full back in November so I had to download them instead.. and still watching them in order :p) — Gossip Girl (haha, nice.. just got to the threesome.. so little was shown, damn 😦 ) and 90210 (found it difficult to pay attention here, kept messing with things on my desk.. I got the basic gist of it though.. I guess).

I… fell asleep– no, no. Just kidding. :p ..Eventually, we watched Funniest Videos (Muppets definitely made this episode more enjoyable, haha), Simpsons (lol), Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special (heh, that was pretty cool) and Cleveland Show (lol.. liking the new score music that better fits the show *thumbs up*). My dad wasn’t feeling that good but stayed awake anyway and barely paid attention to what was on TV. Due to FOX’s schedule and the fact that they pushed everything back 15 minutes due to football overtime, I was thinking about waiting and watching Desperate Housewives once all the FOX shows were over. But by 10PM, I wasn’t feeling very.. awake.. and in the mood to watch the show. And plus my dad got interested in the news.. so I returned to my room for the night.

See yas!

[ Never Mind the Facts, Let’s Have A War ]
[ Is Osama Dead Or Alive? ]
[ D225G And D225N In Swine Flu Moldova Patient ]
[ H1N1 D225G In Nasal Swab From Fatal Brazil Case ]
[ Goldman Sachs Said Cause Of AIG Collapse ]
[ Damning AIG Email Said Not Worth Geithner’s Attention (!) ]
[ Record $29 Billion Bonus Pot At JP Morgan ]
[ Google Boss Warns UK Over Debt Mountain ]
[ Google Metrics Detected Early Warning Of Bank Crisis ]
[ Poor, Minorities Now The Majority In US South Schools ]
[ The Mini Ice Age Starts Here ]
[ US Freezing With Little Relief In Site ]
[ Food Costs To Soar As Big Freeze Worsens ]
[ Is This The End Of Food As We Know It? ]
[ Is Google Making Us Stupid? ]
[ Walmart Greeter Fired After Customer Punches Him ]
[ Pediatrician Molested Babies And Toddlers ]
[ Goodspeed – Comets Could Re-Write Space Science ]


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