Saturday 01.09.2010 — Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reversioned: Strike Two

I awoke somewhat early in the morning and finished up the previous entry again. It’s mainly the bottoms links that don’t get done on time. 😦 ..I watched some TV and soon fell asleep again. Damnit.. I awoke a few hours later to my dad watching The Pink Panther even though I have on Blu. :p ..I let him watch the rest of it, then took over after it ended and watched The Soup (lol).

Next, it was time for a couple more groanworthy installments of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned — episodes 2003: “Teamwork” & 2004: “A Pressing Engagement”. Either keep the individual zord calls or remove them, please. The episodes last week didn’t have them, replacing them with the on-screen text. And the second episode today didn’t have them either.. but “Teamwork” did.. and only four out of the five of them (“Pterodactyl!” was missing). Ack. And don’t forget more of the annoying “Splat!” & “Stuffed!” etc. Ugh.. And they only have every other “Today on Power Rangers” clip..? Episode 2 last week had it, as did episode 4. But “Teamwork” had a shortened version of Rita’s de-dumptering scene in its place. I thought I was watching “Day Of The Dumpter” again for a second there. :/ All in all, it’s still Power Rangers (in there somewhere) and that’s I keep watching. :p

I got online for a bit while my dad was sleeping, then I watched the final four episodes of Chuck: Season 2 on Blu-ray (great episodes, especially the finale.. cannot wait for the new episodes now 🙂 ). That ended by 5PM, so I got online for a while. We watched a couple Family Guy reruns over supper.. but I eventually returned to my room and was online for most of the evening. *shrug*

And I guess that’s about it..? See ya.

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