revisiting mmpr / today now has a cool new Revisiting Power Rangers site that shows the differences between the original episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and new bastardized “reversioned”.. versions.. currently airing on ABC. Check it out. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and started working on the previous entry.. then I eventually fell asleep. I awoke a few hours later and watched Ellen.. then got to finishing that previous entry. Finally.. Soon, I watched four more episodes of Chuck: Season 2 (great episodes.. only four more to go already), followed by Monday’s two episodes of Heroes (finally made time for it.. good episodes too 🙂 ).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime.. there wasn’t much on again.. so we watched my next Netflix selection — Year One: Unrated. As I had expected, my dad hated it. I.. didn’t like it much either.. but there were some funny moments though.. After that, I watched tonight’s Dollhouse (omfg, awesome episode O_O ..two episodes left 😦 ..cannot wait to get the Season 2 Blu-ray and watch the complete series all over again :p).

Aaaand.. that was about it for the night.. Yup.. See ya.

[ The Fake Terror Agenda And Where It’s Headed ]
[ Flying Has Become A Nightmare Thanks To CIA, NOT al-Qaeda ]
[ US Air Marshals Rush To Stop ‘Dozens’ Of Suicide Attacks ]
[ Police ‘Forgot’ To Take Explosives Off Plane ]
[ Shouting Passenger Forced Off Detroit-Bound Plane ]
[ Future Air Security To Use Mind-Reading Machines ]
[ MN Sniffer Dog Error Cost Airlines Millions Tuesday ]
[ 80 Fired From WV Hospital For Refusing Flu Vaccine ]
[ H1N1 Vaccine Plan #976 – Send It All Back To Big Pharma ]
[ How Big Pharma Profits From Fear ]
[ Geithner’s Fed Told AIG To Hide Backdoor Bailout ]
[ Federal Reserve Warned On Interest Rates ]
[ US Unemployment Rate ‘Over 17%’ (How About 25%?) ]
[ The US And China – One Side Winning, The Other Losing ]
[ US Army Jails Soldier For Anti Stop-Loss Song ]
[ Killer Monsanto Named ‘Company Of The Year’ By Forbes Mag ]
[ Global Warming Is A Grotesque Scam ]
[ Israel’s Central Role in JFK Assassination ]
[ Simon Wiesenthal – Holocaust Fabricator Deluxe ]
[ Psycho France Plans ‘Google Tax’ On Internet Searches ]
[ Anthrax-Tainted Heroin Kills Six Addicts In Scotland ]
[ Soda Fountain Fecal Contamination ]



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