an unfortunate lack of news / today

I awoke in the morning got online.. then soon fell asleep again.. I awoke again and got online again, then soon watched two episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures (yup, never got around to seeing the season finale until now.. good stuff.. hoping for a Season 1 Blu-ray now.. damnit) followed by two episodes of Chuck: Season 2 (thought I would fit in a few extra episodes today.. need to finish them by Sunday’s season premiere after all :p ..good episodes 🙂 ).

My dad returned home from dialysis and very soon felt worse than usual after dialysis. 😦 I got online for a little while, then watched four more episodes of Chuck: Season 2 (more very good episodes.. though it was slightly better seeing them for the first time on the Season 1 DVD though.. hm.. don’t even know if I’ll watch the 3D episode for the first time tomorrow.. probably not.. put it off for later.. again :p ). My dad eventually went to bed.. and didn’t wake up until after 5PM. During the afternoon episodes, I took an energy supplement that I’d thought I’d try out.. and I ended up falling asleep soon after. What the heck? I had to rewind it back to where I was before I fell asleep. :/ .That sure didn’t work.. and it tasted gross..

I soon got online to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper.. In primetime, we watched two episodes of The Middle (lol.. Axl should definitely have clothes on more often, kthnx), Modern Family (lol), Cougar Town (lol, good episode) and I Get That A Lot (lol, not as good as the first special though.. and of course they continue the “trick” of putting the hot most popular chick as the very last segment to keep people tuned in :/ ..the first special had Jessica Simpson at the end, this one had Paris Hilton.. lol @ that guy from Family Matters randomly showing up).

And that was pretty much it for another day. A pretty serious snowfall is coming up tomorrow morning and my dad is using it as an excuse to not take me to get another leg rewrapping. 😐 ..See ya..

[ Confirmed – Body Scanners Ordered Months Ago! ]
[ Obama Criticizes CIA Failures Over Flt 253 Bomb Plot ]
[ Obama Pressured To Reveal What UK Said Regarding Flt 253 ]
[ Bring The National Guard Home – It’s The Law ]
[ PPT Conspiracy – Fed, Treasury, Wall St Manipulate Markets ]
[ Bankers Are Like Film Stars, Athletes – Goldman Sachs Director ]
[ ‘Parasite Economy’ Behind Greek Financial Tragedy ]
[ Swine Flu Reinfections Confirmed ]
[ Ukraine H1N1 Deaths Jump To 827 – 100,000 New Cases ]
[ Film Review ‘Avatar’ – A Humanist Call From Mt. Hollywood ]
[ FL Iguanas Freeze To Death – Fall From Trees ]
[ Strange-Shaped Cloud Captured On Camera ]
[ Earth To Be Wiped Out By Supernova Explosion ]


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