Sunday 01.03.2010 — The End Of Time… the time that mattered anyway.. :(

I awoke at around 2:30AM to the cat falling off the TV again. Only this time, he knocked the plugs for everything. I got up and plugged everything back in and soon fell asleep again.. I awoke in the morning and got online to finish the previous entry, had some breakfast, and then looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday.. Next, I watched two episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (yay, two-parter after a break.. and before another break.. damn.. very good episodes though), followed by Doctor Who: The End Of Time Part Two (wow, epic ending.. loved it.. *watches 2010 promo* ..I miss David Tennant already 😦 ).

I soon gave the TV over to my dad so that he could watch his football game, then I got online for a bit. I also found the time to watch another single episode of Gossip Girl on the bedroom DVR (good one.. damnit @ cutting away from that threesome way too soon) in between all my procrastination. Damn.. We had some supper..

In primetime, we watched Funniest Videos (haha), Simpsons (lol), The Cleveland Show (*Cleveland’s son with sad face* Cleveland: “What are you watching, The Cleveland Show?” lol.. so true..), Desperate Housewives (alright episode I guess.. wow @ next week :p), Better Off Ted (rofl, nice.. so ABC aired these shows late last week and I didn’t even notice? weird) and Scrubs (lol, good episode.. surprisingly.. haven’t truly been enjoying this season so much yet).

I soon returned to my room for the night.. and another uneventful day was complete.. See ya.

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[ Ice Wall Make UK Look More Like Narnia ]
[ ‘Protogalaxies’ – A New Problem For Astronomers ]
[ Self-Drive Cars On Roads Within 10 Years ]


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