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I awoke at like 2AM to finish up the previous entry, then went to sleep again. And then I woke up again at about 5 or 6AM to my dad being awake and watching his news.. And then I fell asleep again until my dad woke me up at 8:30AM. I got online for a little bit, then we soon got ready and went out to media buy.

But first, I headed to the bank and took out some funds to pay the cable bill ($140/month).. Then we headed on to Target, where I got my new cell phone. Yay. It’s the new $20 Verizon Wireless prepaid phone from Samsung. My previous one from Virgin Mobile (also $20) didn’t have all the cool features like this one does, including a camera. Heehee. Gonna have some fun on Twitter with this methinks.. I passed on The Hangover Blu-ray at Target because they had no remaining copies with slipcover and Digital Copy.

So I headed to Best Buy.. where they also didn’t have any copies with those features. Damnit. Only the first pressing had them. I went ahead and price-matched it down to Target’s $17 anyway, then also picked up Jennifer’s Body on Blu (and oh man, I would do so much to that body.. *drools*) and Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season 2 on DVD. I got one of the last two copies of it with the Limited Edition steel slipcase, then it rang up for $44.99 at the register.. so I had to wait in the long returns line at Costumer Service to get over half my money back, down to Best Buy’s $19.99 sale price this week. Luckily, it worked. 🙂

I moved on to Speedway and got in on their new Dew Club (under Speedy Rewards, buy six 20oz of any flavor Mtn Dew — doesn’t have to be all at once — and get one free :p ). Our next stop was the grocery store, where we both bought.. some groceries. I got caught shoplifting though.. damnit. Gotta be more careful next time. :/ ..We returned home and I set up my new phone, moving all my numbers from old to new and resetting up Twitter with it. I got quite an easy phone number to remember too. An abundance of 0’s, 1’s & 4’s. :p I also inventoried the new discs..

It didn’t take very long after the mail arrived though for me to have head out again., This time, we went all the way down to the hospital for another leg rewrapping. At least this session was more pleasant. 🙂 Cut off wrappings, clean, rewrap, complete. You know the deal.. We returned home and I ordered pizza for supper from Pizza Hut. ANY pizza for just $10 — just had to get in on that. And it tasted just like the Pizza Hut I remembered having years and years ago and wanted to have again (*greasy Meat Lovers’!*). Awesome! … *heart attacks*

Anyway.. after that, I got online to news-gather etc etc etc.. In primetime.. of course, nothing to watch on TV. So we watched The Hangover: Unrated instead. It was pretty funny.. but perhaps my expectations were still a bit too high.. My dad liked it I guess, though he fell asleep for part of it.. After it was over, we started watching all the New Years’ Eve shows on TV. My dad was surprised to see Shania Twain on FOX..

Not too long after midnight, my dad sort of nodded off to sleep.. so I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home‘s New Years’ festivities. I soon found out that you can see the Central Plaza ball drop by just changing your PS3 clock to just before midnight before turning on Home. So the ball dropped, played Auld Lang Syne, then gave me a free virtual hat and shirt. Cool. Unfortunately, the male version of the shirt is broken. Hope they fix that. I glitched onto the platform under the ball and had some fun there until nearly 4AM. For details, check out the 40 new images dumped in my photobucket. lol, I’m a stripper (both female and male.. but mostly female.. because it’s funner to stare at).. *denies friend request after friend request from idiot guys* :p

My dad eventually woke up at 3AM and headed to bed. Then I shut off the PS3 by 4AM and returned to my room for the night… See ya. And Happy New Year! 🙂

[ Flight 253 Passenger Haskell – Feds Lying About Bomber Story ]
[ US Plots Retaliation In Yemen Over Plane Bomber ]
[ Obama #7 on 10 Most Corrupt Politician List of 2009 ]
[ Obama Plans Instant Citizenship For Illegals – USA RIP ]
[ Ukraine Swine Flu Death Toll Spikes To 727 ]
[ Fed Sued To Reveal Gold Market Intervention ]
[ $50 Billion – Goldman Sachs Revenues From Meltdown ]
[ National Security Establishment Killed JFK In 1963 Coup d’Etat ]
[ Russia’s Armageddon Plan To Save Earth From Asteroid ]



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