lost final season sweepstakes / today

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ABC has announced the Lost The Final Season Sweepstakes. Go to LostTheFinalSeasonSweepstakes.com and answer six questions correctly in order to enter to be one of 815 winners who will receive a “message in a bottle”, or a bottle containing a USB drive that resembles Desmond Hume’s fail-safe key that’s loaded with a sneak peek of the the February 2nd season premiere. Cooool. Gimme gimme. :p

I awoke quite early in the morning again and finished the previous entry.. then soon fell asleep again.. Later, I got online again as my dad watched his boring morning TV reruns.. followed by his news. In the afternoon, I finally took over the TV and watched three more episodes of Kyle XY: Season 3 (more good episodes.. four to go already), then played some more Lego Batman.

I haven’t been getting the PS3 online or checking out PlayStation Home in days because I’ve created a Power Rangers RPM Complete Season torrent and felt I should seed it non-stop for a few days before I begin disconnecting the PC again. :p ..We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime… again, nothing to watch.. So I turned the PS3 back on and we watched last night’s Men Of A Certain Age (haha, good episode), the last Flashpoint (wow, good episode.. and finally caught up 🙂 ) and tonight’s Better Off Ted (rofl, very funny episode tonight :p). After that, I soon returned to my room for the night.

See yas.

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[ Zionist Ben Stein Calls Ron Paul An Anti-Semite! ]
[ 877 New US Snowfall Records Set Or Tied In Last Week ]
[ Why Jews Support Black Causes – Kevin MacDonald PhD ]
[ Hitler’s Military – Amazing Diversity Of Nationalities ]
[ CDC Report Highlights The Dangers Of Black Males ]
[ Gold Brings Smiles To World’s Central Bankers ]
[ JP Morgan May Dump London HQ Over Bankster Tax ]
[ Wikipedia Crisis As Editors Leave In Droves ]
[ Rare New Year’s Eve ‘Blue Moon’ To Ring In 2010 ]
[ Video: Huge UFO Orb Over Fort Collins, Loveland CO ]


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