no news?! really?!? / today

I awoke pretty early in the morning once again and got online for a bit. But eventually, I fell asleep again.. I awoke again and soon watched the first three episodes of Kyle XY: Season 3 (very good episodes). My dad returned home from dialysis and we had some lunch.. then I got online again as he watched his news.

But soon, it was time to go. We got ready and soon headed over to the hospital. They cut off the old leg wrappings, cleaned them up and wrapped them up again. The usual for the most part.. We both pitched in $5 for the gas tank (in my dad’s case, his final $5 until Thursday) to get all the way there and back. We returned home and I took up most of the rest of my time playing some more Lego Batman (haha, fun). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, it was all reruns yet again.. and I didn’t have any movies to watch. My dad watched all the CBS comedy reruns. I watched a few of them while mainly getting online and distracting myself with other things. Though we did watch another episode of Flashpoint at 10PM (good episode.. only one left before I’m caught up.. with everything on the PS3).

And.. that was abut it for another day. See ya. 🙂

[ Nigerian Patsy Helps US Meddling In Yemen Civil War ]
[ Bomber Boarded Without Passport – Helped By ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ ]
[ Plane Bomber Explosive Common, Easily Detectable ]
[ MSM Now Saying Yemen Is True Home Of Al-CIAda ]
[ DHS Clears Terrorists To Fly And Immigrate ]
[ One Day Soon We’ll All Be ‘Terrorists’ ]
[ Too Much Time In Plane Toilet Now A Terror Threat ]
[ War Is A Racket – The Truth, Maj Gen Smedley Butler, USMC ]
[ Video: US Troops Wake Up To How Expendable They Are ]
[ Makow – Illuminati Vow In 1969 – Travel To Be Tougher ]
[ New XXDR TB Could Become Widespread ]
[ First Case Of XXDR TB Found In US ]
[ Mistletoe Cures Woman’s Cancer ]
[ Grow Your Own To Replace False Teeth ]


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