Sunday 12.27.2009 — Happy New Ye–! oh wait, not yet..

I awoke pretty early in the morning and got online to finish the previous entry. I returned to the living room and my dad and I had an argument about picking up the Sunday newspaper. We’re nearly out of gas and money that must last until Thursday, so yeah. I offer again and again to pay for the gas with what little I have left, but nooo.. I eventually fell asleep again and didn’t wake up until after 10AM. I then watched Doctor Who: The End of Time Part One (wow, awesome.. cannot wait for Part Two next week).

My dad eventually awoke and we watched four episodes of Flashpoint (episodes 302-305.. ah, very good episodes.. they had piled up on the PS3 for a while now, so it was nice to free some more HDD space). My dad football game was nearing, so I gave the TV over to him and headed to my room and got online. A few hours later ,I went to the bedroom DVR and watched an episode of 90210 (the next series I plan on clearing from the bedroom DVR one episode at a time.. it became more enjoyable once I began MSTing it, haha).

We had some supper, then.. there was nothing to watch on TV yet again tonight.. and I didn’t have any moves to watch (that he would like) either. And so we watched two more episodes of Flashpoint (episodes 306-307.. more good ones.. I’m finding Amy Jo Johnson really attractive again, heh.. it’s been a while actually.. back during MMPR.. impressed by how she looks pretty much exactly the same 17 years later :p), followed by Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (missed DVRing it last week.. “Big Brother”.. very informative.. mostly stuff I already knew, but still..).

And that was about it for the night..? See ya..

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[ Swine Flu Remains Widespread In CA ]
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[ Yahoo Sells All Users Private Emails To US Agencies ]
[ China’s 245 MPH Train Finished In Just Four Years ]
[ Video: Jeff Rense On The Importance Of The UFO/ET Question ]


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