Christmas Eve 12.24.2009 — like any other day… including no news..

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After finishing the previous entry late last night, I decided to get the PS3 online and check out PlayStation Home. But while it was loading, I fell asleep.. I awoke very early the next morning and got onto PlayStation Home for a bit (ooh, EU free stuff I didn’t even notice.. the festive clothes are coool), then watched the final two Season 2 episodes of The Spectacular Spider-Man (wow, awesome episodes.. I had DVRed the first one then waited over a month for Disney XD to re-air the finale episode.. about time, damn) and Robot Chicken (VHSing the new Christmas special to complete it even though I already bought it and the whole season on DVD last week :p). My dad eventually awoke and I got online.. then I soon fell asleep.

I awoke again and got online for pretty much the rest of the morning while my dad watched his boring morning TV. My aunt called to say he had contacted a few people to deliver some free stuff to us for Christmas. Cool. So my dad waited all day for a phone call that never came (well, one did call but not the other).. I soon took over the TV once again and checked out PlayStation Home for a while (ooh @ Christmas version of Japan’s beach.. it’s dark now, Santa’s sleigh can be seen in the sky.. and there’s new Treasure Hunt items, including some stranded-on-an-island-looking clothes.. all cut up or whatever, coool).

I finally pulled myself away from Home by 4PM and watched four more episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 1 Vol 1 (great episodes.. one more disc and day to go.. I’m now considering watching Season 1 Vol 2 as well). We had some supper, then I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. In primetime, there was again nothing to watch.. except for the final three episodes of Raising The Bar on TNT. Alexa Nikolas was looking different here in the first of the three episodes than I had seen her before. Still hot though, maybe more so. :p Good episodes. Gonna miss this show a bit. 😦

I got online for the night.. then heard a Family Guy rerun on TV in the other room and went to watch.. and then fell asleep for the night. I had a dream where I slept into the afternoon and missed the “premiere” of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. :/ I awoke at about 4:30AM and finally finished up.. this.. entry..

See ya.

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