double comedy tuesday abc / today

With Lost coming in to take over the Tuesdays 9PM ET timeslot for its final season starting on February 2nd, ABC has decided to double up on it’s comedy series that night. Beginning January 5th, new episodes of Scrubs & Better Off Ted will air back-to-back at both the 8PM & 9PM ET hour. The 13-episode seasons of both series will then be complete by the end of the month. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then took over the TV and checked out PlayStation Home for the new free items today.. then enjoyed some scorpion squashing in the Sodium space. Fun.. We had some breakfast, then my dad pretty much fell asleep.. But then we had to get ready and head out by 11AM. We headed all the way back up to the hospital again. We waited for a handicapped parking spot to open. Then we waited in the waiting room for a while. Finally got called into a room.. and then waited there for a while.. The doctor finally briefly looked me over and let us go.. after making us wait for some papers in the waiting room again. I swear the waiting was like 85% of our time in that building.

We then moved on to the building that therapy was in.. and waited there since we were early for the appointment. At least we found a vending machine room to wait in there.. and I had brought enough change.. We finally headed up and.. after some more waiting.. got the whole leg wrapping thing done yet again. Remove them, clean, put them back on. This was the last time with an attractive female doing it too. Damn. Scheduled with some guy for the next three times or so. 😦

We eventually returned home and watched Ellen.. and I.. fell asleep again. Damnit. I awoke to supper, then I got online to news-gather.. While my dad had nodded off to sleep, I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home again. There’s a few free items that I had forgotten about.. We watched the two new episodes of Dollhouse (still awesome.. damnit all to hell, FOX! Grrr! *grits teeth* three episodes begin January 9th).. while I checked out Home during the ad breaks. I also watched The Soup (lol… but damnit, they spoiled the ending of the Dexter finale that I was waiting until DVD to see, fuck!). Then finally spent some time in PlayStation Home (I had been invited to a Christmas party, so I might as well show up 🙂 ) before returning to my room for the night.. after watching some Conan (rofl).

Waiting, waiting, waiting… See ya.

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