edgemont in us syndication / today

In case you have yet to see the Canadian teen drama Edgemont starring Smallville star Kristin Kruek, I’d recommend checking your local listings the week of January 18th. PPI Releasing LLC has made deals with 85% of the US for a syndicated run of the series on local channels across the country. Cool. 🙂

Right after the previous entry, I got the PS3 back online and checked out PlayStation Home before it was due to be taken offline for its weekly update at 3AM ET (or 12 Midnight PT). I was able to complete another day’s work in EU’s Winter Wonderland (for a rather spiffy fireplace), then fell asleep while in a text chat.. In the morning, I switched it back to TV so my dad could watch some news. But he eventually fell asleep.. and I took over the TV again.

I returned to PlayStation Home, which was now online and updated. Theire was a ton of new stuff to check out, including the new Sodium space. Wow. That one’s rather impressive. I also bought some newly-released clothing items. *drools* ..My dad took off to the store and eventually returned. Then we eventually watched Ellen and he saw a bit of his news..

But not long after that, I returned to PlayStation Home once again. This time, I visited the Japan and EU servers for their new free items. Christmas in Japan looked really cool and the Gravity Crash maze and suit rewards were simply awesome! I hope we get all of it in the US Home ASAP. Here’s me in one of said suits relaxing in the Sodium space (available in the US & EU). Heh. It’s such a huge space to explore.. Click here to check out all 326 Home images that I’ve taken so far. :p

By 4PM, I was getting tired of Home though. I had been on it all day after all. So we watched Men Of A Certain Age (haha, better than the first episode 🙂 ) and had some supper, then I fell asleep again while waiting for the PS Store update. Damnit.. At about 7PM, I got online to news-gather. And that was pretty much it for the night. Tonight is my dad’s damn football game, so I stayed online all night.. mainly uploading today’s 66 Home images. I guess I.. really like a scantily-clad female avatar. *cough* My dad called me a transvestite. Oh, I dress like a nearly-naked girl in Home. I must be gay. Couldn’t possibly be for any other reason.. >_>

*blinks* Anyway.. see ya.

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