lord of the rings theatricals on blu-ray / today

TheDigitalBits provides a full rundown of special features for the April 6th 2010 Blu-ray release of The Lord Of The Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy. Included in the set for a $99.98 SRP will be three Blu-ray Discs containing the theatrical versions of the movies and three DVDs containing most of the special features included on the original DVD releases. Peter Jackson has asked to hold back on releasing the Extended Editions until closer to the theatrical release of The Hobbit (Parts I & II, now set for 2011 & 2012) in order for him to prepare for elaborate Blu-ray releases for those titles. Cool.. Don’t know if I’ll pick this up though. I already have all the theatrical versions on DVD. Perhaps the Extended Editions though.. *shrug*

I awoke in the morning and got on PlayStation Home for a bit, then watched three episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 2 (nice). My dad soon returned home from dialysis and we watched Ellen. He saw some news, then I took over again and watched another episode of Veronica Mars: Season 2 (need to complete the disc today after all). I checked out PlayStation Home again as my dad went to bed for a little while.

I then watched Medium (I fell asleep during this one a while back, so..), Fringe (wow, great episode), Family Guy (lol, mention of Lacey Chabert :p) and American Dad (already one of my favorite episodes of this show, lol). After visiting PlayStation Home again.. my dad (who had woken up previously) returned to bed again.. so I played GTA IV pretty much up until 8PM. And I got a new (simple) trophy. ..Yay..

My dad returned to the living room in time for the night’s new episodes. We watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, aw @ ending), Accidentally On Purpose (not bad actually.. surprisingly), Two & A Half Men (rofl), Big Bang Theory (lol, good episode) and CSI Miami (we hadn’t watched this show in so long.. my dad would usually go to bed before this one started.. and I would go to my room as well.. good episode).

But unfortunately, I fell asleep near the end of the latter show.. and didn’t really wake up until the next morning at like 5AM. And then I had to get online and write this entire entry from nothing, then news-gather and link-gather. Ack. :/

Well. see ya.

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