Sunday 12.13.2009 —

I awoke pretty early in the morning, got online for a bit, then got onto PlayStation Home for a little while. Both the US & EU servers are giving away a different free virtual item every day for Christmas and I don’t want to miss any.. even though I already missed the first one in the EU. 😦 Next, I watched two episodes of Bleach (I got halfway through the second episode before I was sure they were reruns.. oh well :p), looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday (or lack thereof), then had some breakfast.

I got online for a bit again, then watched four more episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 2 (more very good episodes.. perhaps I should watch Naruto next..) followed by Glee (fall finale, yay.. great episode.. hope the two halves being released on DVD will be together on Blu some day). After that, it was time for my dad’s Colts game.. so I went to my room and got online again.. for pretty much the whole afternoon..

After 5PM, we had some supper and soon watched Old Christine (lol), Gary Unmarried (haha), Funniest Videos (lol) and Simpsons (lol). My dad got all angry and depressed, then went to bed early. I then fell asleep pretty early into Cleveland Show Weird. I awoke at nearly 2AM and watched it though.. to get it off the DVR. :p

And.. that was about it..? See ya…

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