Saturday 12.12.2009 — Dragon Knight vented by 4Kids / Turtles Forever Extended Streamed

Well, here’s some bad news for fans of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. CW4Kids will continue to air new episodes throughout December.. but then the series will be completely gone from the schedule in January, leaving the final two episodes unaired. Yes, that’s right in the middle of the two-part finale — “For Ventara And Earth, Part 1” will be the final episode on December 26th. Wow. And apparently the remaining episodes will only be streamed on the CW4Kids website. Ugh. Bastards. 😡

Meanwhile, 4Kids has revealed that the extended “Director’s Cut” version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles Forever will be released “exclusively” online at on Wednesday, December 16th. Damnit. I wants it on Blu-ray, like the 4Kids representative hinted at previously. 😦

I awoke fairly early in the morning.. then soon watched Jeff Dunham Show (haha) and The Soup (fell asleep during it, so yeah..). And not very long after that.. I fell asleep for a few hours. *shakes fist @ milk* ..I awoke just in time to watch TMNT Turtles Forever on DVR (Part 3 of course.. apparently the movie’s extended version with 12 extra minutes is going to be streamed on the site now, argh.. and the promo for “The Christmas Aliens” rerun next week had a Viacom trademark note on it already, wow), followed by Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (136: “Dark Deception”.. good episode.. four episodes left, two of which will air.. damn you, 4Kids!).

I then followed that with four more episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 2 (good episodes) before getting online a bit. I returned to the living room.. and fell asleep again. I got back online, then had some supper and watched some Family Guy repeats. Next was my next Netflix selection — Dance Flick. lol, crazy movie. I could see why it wasn’t that successful though.

After all that, I got AGAIN.. but that was about it for the night then. I really don’t know what to do about the series I DVR in my room. During my time of little movement before I went to the hospital, the DVR got full and missed some episodes of those shows. I deleted all of Primeval (like three seasons unwatched or something) in order to buy some time now. But.. I dunno.. :/

See ya.

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