damnit still no news / today

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I awoke very early in the morning to see my dad had passed on dialysis. He appeared to be not feeling great at all. 😦 ..I fell back to sleep for a bit, then awoke again a few hours later. I got online for a bit, then saw a bit of morning TV. My dad was asleep, so I soon watched eight more episodes of How I Met Your Mother: Season 4 (lol, more great episodes.. one more day and disc to go though.. hmm, what to watch next?).

My dad eventually awoke and waited for the mail to arrive, then we watched Ellen. After that, I had no clue what to do for some reason. But since the PS3 had been online all day, I decided to check out PlayStation Home. My dad continues to find it disturbing that I sometimes dress up my avatar like a girl in Home. I’m trying to make an avatar with the least clothing on her as possible with the clothing provided. Bring Home Japan’s bikinis over here already damnit. *shakes pervy fist* 😦

After I got tired of that, I started up an online free play game in GTA IV. I mainly just went around killing pedestrians and blowing cars up for most of that time. The helicopter’s fun.. We had some supper, then I soon got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched two episodes of The Middle (both last week’s & this week’s episodes.. hehe), Modern Family (haha) and Cougar Town (lol).

After that, I couldn’t wait and watched Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura — the 9/11 episode. Of course it was only the tip of the iceberg. The show is for a more mainstream audience after all. But it was pretty good and revealed one thing near the end that I hadn’t even heard about. Wow. The hidden black boxes reveal that the hijackers were in the cockpit even before take-off. That would fit with the reports I’ve heard about double flights (same flight numbers on different planes that day, one with passengers and another without) and that the planes kept being used for months after they had supposedly crashed.. And now the show will be taking on the global warming hoax next week. Wow. How timely. 🙂

See ya.

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