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I awoke in the middle of the night and finished up the previous entry, then soon fell asleep again for a few hours. I awoke again and got online for a bit, then watched some morning TV. Blah. But after a while, it was.. time to media buy..

First, I headed to Target. They were having some sort of holiday special for the first two hours they were open. I was handed a coupon for $5 off $25 or more.. that was only good that day. I picked up Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince on Blu for $20, then found Get Smart: Season 4 on DVD for just $12.99 (Season 3 was also that price). Couldn’t pass that price up.. Together, I had over $25 so the coupon worked and I got $5 off.. I moved on to WalMart.. and got nothing..

At Best Buy, I broke down and bought the first two Harry Potter Ultimate Edition Blu-rays for $33 each. Ack. And they’re so huge. Damn.. I also picked up Lost: Season 5 on Blu-ray.. for $50. It’s the basic release inside a Best Buy exclusive slipcover with a slot on the back to hold the bonus disc (DVD) and luggage tag. Yup, two slipcovers. One vertical, the other horizontal.. over a thick Blu-ray case. Nice. 🙂 Don’t like how the back bulges out though.. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I kept notice a small flaw or dent in the packaging of these discs and kept going to the front of the store and back again a few times just to find a better copy. :/

I got my usual icee (aw yeah, it’s been a while) then returned home. We watched Ellen, but not long after it was over it was time to head out again. This time, we headed all the way to the hospital to get my legs cleaned and rewrapped again. The bottoms of my feet are beginning to feel tender. Maybe I’m walking too much.. in these uncomfortable sandal-things the hospital gave me to wear. My shoes have a bunch of holes in them and partly covered in the dried-up leakage. I need new clothes and shoes that aren’t “contaminated”.. but I spent my money on discs instead… But it’s pretty difficult to find clothes that fit me anyway.. 😦

We returned home once again. It was now too late to watched the scheduled DVD episodes. Oh well. Fit them in tomorrow. Instead, I only watched Sunday’s Desperate Housewives (now that my dad was awake.. good episode.. damn you, mid-season cliffhanger! :p). After that, we soon had some supper (TV dinner :/) and I.. finally threw out all those DVD store bags I had piling up.. for a couple years. I keep the bags with the receipts in case I need to return something. But I let them pile up for too long. The stack finally fell over the other day, so I finally went through them all. :p

I got online to news-gather and inventory the new discs.. In primetime, we watched Men Of A Certain Age (not bad I guess.. not all that much really.. happened.. yet), Rita Rocks (good finale with a totally predictable ending that was stolen from Reba :p), Scrubs (not bad.. only three more JD episodes left I guess :/ ..where’s he going anyway?), Better Off Ted (lol, good episode) and The Mentalist (mid-season finale.. good episode). And that’s all folks..

See ya.

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