Saturday 12.06.2009 —

I awoke in the morning.. and waited what felt like a really long time while my dad watched his morning news. I also got online briefly. And finally, I was allowed to watch something else. :p I watched The Soup (lol), soon followed by the final six episodes of Scrubs: Season 8 (these took longer than I thought.. probably because I had to watch the webisodes and deleted scenes too :p). And then I watched Kamen Rider Dragon Knight as well (episode 135: “A Hero’s Fall”.. good episode.. should’ve remembered to watch the ending of last week’s episode due to the interruption in my hospital bed).

After that, I waited and waited while my dad got done with all his crap.. then we finally got to go out to the grocery store again. We both bought some things.. and I.. picked up some free things. I’ve so missed that. And now it’s as if I must do it since the food prices are rising. $20 and didn’t really get that much. >_> ..We returned home, then soon watched my next Netflix selection — The Ugly Truth. Yup, another romantic comedy. My spirits need uplifting right now dangit. It’s why I’m watching another comedy on DVD now that Scrubs is finished.. or perhaps I just really need to clear out my unwatched DVD queue.. Oh, and the movie was alright. Just okay..

I watched TMNT Turtles Forever (Part 2.. I watched Part 1 again in the hospital bed last week, so why not continue even though I have it on both DVRs and downloaded as well? hehe 🙂’s a great movie, wants the extended DVD version NOW) then had some supper.. then watched some Family Guy (lol) and Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (ratings record breaking series premiere.. for the TruTV network anyway.. but they aired the HAARP episode first instead of the September 11th pilot, damn.. glad it’s airing next week though, this was pretty good so it should be even better).

After that, my dad took over the TV to watch his usual boring Saturday night of Cops & America’s Most Wanted.. and I returned to my room and got online for a bit. I soon returned to the living room though (uncomfortable chair, remember?) and read.. the first chapter of New Moon (a free thing, no way I’d pay for it).. before falling asleep for hours.. Damn. :/

See ya.

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