v 2009 return date / today

ABC has announced that FlashForward will return with new episodes on March 4th at 8PM ET… But more importantly, V will return for the rest of its season on March 30th at 10PM ET, following Lost. I’m really enjoying V and cannot wait to see more. 🙂 But I must..

I awoke in the morning and soon played some Lego Batman.. and eventually fell asleep again. In and out of it really. And then my dad returned home from dialysis and I soon paused that for some Ellen.. before returning to Lego Batman. I’m getting bored of it already. Damn. Must be the fact that I have Lego Star Wars on both PS2 and PS3 already and have gotten tired of the formula. *shrug*

By afternoon, I shut off the game and watched six more episodes of Scrubs: Season 8 (good episodes, still reminding me of my time in the hospital.. so I want to get this over with.. only six left for tomorrow though :p), followed by The Prisoner (Part 4.. stayed awake for all of this one.. pretty interesting) and CSI (last week’s episode.. not bad). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched.. well, I watched mainly.. tonight’s two new hours of Dollhouse. Awesome two-part episode. Loved it. And the cancellation is stinging a lot more now. As I said, my dad went to bed like halfway through it.. Then I watched Glee afterward. Great penultimate.. fall finale episode. Wow. 🙂

Annnd.. that was about it..? As you may tell, I’m trying not to spend too much time in the computer desk chair. It’s one of those uncomfortable plastic chairs better suited for the back porch.. and it’s upsetting the previously mentioned sore tail bone (again, damn hospital bed). See ya.

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[ UK MOD Ends UFO Investigations ]


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