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Ron Wasserman visited RangerBoard and further confirmed that his original music for the series will not be changed for ABC’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers remastered re-airing in 2010 (starting January 2nd!). Awesome. Can’t wait. 🙂

I awoke early in the morning as usual, then watched some boring news and had some breakfast. And before I knew it, I had to get ready.. and then we headed to the hospital once again. I expected to wait longer than we did since we were a “walk-in” this time after all. But everything happened pretty quickly really. And I got to see that hot chick again — the “Katee Sackhoff lookalike”. But now that I finally see her again, she looks way better than Katee. She took off the old wrappings, cleaned my legs a bit, then wrapped them up again. There are apparently open wounds on the back of both my legs or something.. and one of them is now closed. Yay. And it’s hurting less everyday. Now if I could just get this tail bone not hurting. Damn hospital bed. After a visit to the bank to pay the cable bill..

Yes, I went to Best Buy. I so missed the place. There, I picked up Lego Batman PS3 (for $20) and the Code Geass R2 Part II DVD set (only one set away from completion now.. hope I can fit it all in January).. We returned home and watched some Ellen, then I.. ended up playing Lego Batman for most of the afternoon. Quite fun. I mainly played through the first three levels. An original story this time too. Nice. 🙂 ..Before I knew it, it was too late to watch Scrubs today. But it was reminding me of my time in the hospital, so that was okay.. Next, I got on PlayStation Home. New festive holiday items, “many” of them free. Well, only two. Liars. *rolls eyes* And why can’t last year’s items return. I didn’t buy the Christmas tree last year. 😦

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Community (haha), Parks & Recreation (haha), The Office (lol) and 30 Rock (haha).. before I couldn’t take it anymore and fell asleep for some hours. Damn.. And that was about it. See ya. :p

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