no news again / today

I awoke early in the morning, then got online to finish the previous entry. I still don’t like being online for very long due to the uncomfortable chair I have in front of the computer mixed wit h the uncomfortable sores I have from my hospital stay. It was impossible for me to get comfortable in that damn bed.. Anyway, my dad went off to dialysis and I had some breakfast and soon watched Heroes (very good episode). After that, I played some GTA IV (new trophy, wow.. I need to start playing this one again, heh) and Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time (found out how to play the The Great Clock again and got some of those gold bolts.. damn, some are just impossible to get to, grrrr).

My dad returned home from dialysis and we soon watched some Ellen and he followed that with some news. But I eventually took over the TV and watched the first seven episodes of Scrubs: Season 8 (I meant to watch these last week before Season 9 started, but oh well..). I fell asleep for a little while after them, but later awoke and watched two episodes of Rita Rocks (haha).

My dad decided to have supper from another fast food place due to the oven being out. Argh. At least I got him to go to Taco Bell instead of getting burgers again.. I got online to news-gather.. At 7PM, my dad and I watched GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra on Blu-ray. My dad didn’t seem very interested. He fell asleep a lot. I had heard some bad reviews for this one, so my expectations may have not been very high. And then I saw the movie and liked it quited a bit. Cooool. C’mon, sequel. :p We followed that up with an episode of Medium, but I fell asleep during it. I remember waking up briefly to shut off the PS3.. then I fell asleep again until nearly 1:30AM. Ack. Crazy.

Well, see ya…

[ Obama, The World’s Least Powerful Man ]
[ Obama’s Secret – Only 1,000 Al Qaeda In Afghanistan ]
[ Liberal Rage Over ‘Nobel’ Obama’s War Escalation ]
[ UK MSM Frontpage – The Big Climate Change Fraud ]
[ ‘Scientists’ Used Trick To Invent Global Warming ]
[ IN Paper Treats Legal Gun Owners Like Sex Offenders ]
[ Don’t Discount Conspiracy As Origin Of HIV-AIDS ]
[ Google To Limit Free Access To Online News ]
[ Microsoft – ‘Piracy No Longer Poses A Threat To Us’ ]
[ Israel Will Try To Fight Growing Enemies Online ]
[ Spirit Gets Stuck, Makes A Mars Big Discovery ]


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