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I awoke in the morning, then eventually took my meds, had some breakfast and watched some of the usual morning TV. I then got online for a little while as my dad waited for the mail to arrive. But once it did, we took right away to the bank.. and then the gas station.. and then the hospital. My dad really wanted to go there, even though our lack of money and gas caused us to miss our appointment by a few hours. Oh well. Now they told us I must come back as a “walk-in” before 9AM in order to get my legs re-wrapped. And we must wait until Thursday now due to my dad’s dialysis tomorrow.. After that was all taken care of, I visited WalMart.. and.. media-buyed..

Terminator: Salvation on Blu-ray. I did look for some new clothes too (the hospital threw away one of my two two pairs of pants, and both were ruined by the leaking.. so I must get some new pants.. and shows.. ASAP).. but couldn’t find anything. Damnit. All I got was extremely hurt feet for walking so much. These flip-flop thingies the hospital gave me sure aren’t very helpful there. We returned home, getting an early supper at Burger King. The oven no longer works and my dad still hasn’t called the maintenance guy.. for a second replacement yet. 😦

So we returned home and I watched New Adventures of Old Christine (yeah, I saw it in the hospital.. but it was a good episode :p), Gary Unmarried (hahaha) and The Prisoner (Part 3.. er, Hour 3? damn, fell asleep again.. better stay awake for all of Part 4 or I’m just gonna give up 😦 ..I like “my version” better anyway). I got online to news-gather soon after that.

In primetime, we watched House (ooh, good episode this week), the one-hour premiere of Scrubs: Med School (yes, I caught that little thing on the “created” credit.. sneaky.. this Scrubs 2.0 of sorts was alright so far.. haha, I liked the Janitor’s final scene :p ..wish they could’ve fit it in the 1.0 finale though) and FlashForward (aired early somewhere, so here it is… I fell asleep like halfway through.. damnit). And that was about it.

My time in the hospital was rather uneventful really. I just laid in bed virtually endlessly and watched a lot of TV as nurses kept coming in and out testing me and jabbing me to take my blood (“vampirism”). Some of them didn’t care when the heck they woke me up. I was quick wheelchaired to a few tests on the first full day, and had a sassy and fun black nurse.. for a couple days until she went on her four-day weekend for Thanksgiving and I never saw her again. 😦 ..Apparently I had (well, still have.. it’s not completely gone yet) a severe case of cellulitis. I had to look at my chart to find out the term since they’d only tell me it was an infection. The swelling in my legs is down a lot and my heels barely hurt at all now. 🙂

Well.. see ya..

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