mmpr 2010 sched jan-april / crisis on two earths blu / today

BurgundyRanger has revealed the first three weeks of scheduling for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 2010! And Disney is using new episode production numbers for these reruns. Strange.. It all begins January 2nd at 12 Noon ET on ABC with “Day Of The Dumpster” & “High Five”, continues January 9th with “Teamwork” & “A Pressing Engagement”, then the episodes “Different Drum” & “Food Fight” are set to follow on January 16th. But then on January 23rd, one “new” episode will be preceded by a rerun instead. The following months will feature more annoying pre-emptions.. in between parts of “Green With Evil”. Damn.. Cannot wait to see these reruns though nonetheless. :p

Warner Bros recently announced the DVD & Blu-ray releases of Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths for February 23rd. The two Special Editions will include some Justice League Unlimited episodes, a Spectre animated short, “The New World” featurette, and sneak peek at the next DC Universe Original Animated Movie. The Blu-ray will add on top of that an extended version of the “New World” featurette, the Wonder Woman 1976 pilot episode and the more recent Aquaman unaired pilot starring Smallville‘s Justin Hartley (sweet! even though I already bought and sold a cheap Smallville season to get that promo DVD at Best Buy :p ..but now it’s on Blu!). 🙂

I awoke in the morning.. at 4AM. I got online for a bit, then my dad finally headed off to dialysis. I soon watched American Dad (lol) and last week’s Heroes (good episode) before nodding off to sleep for a little while. I awoke later and took my meds, then had some breakfast. I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home. New space. Neat..

My dad returned home from dialysis and was soon on the phone rescheduling my hospital appointment. He just couldn’t drive me across town today, especially after the dialysis that makes him feel weak. Oh, and he’s about out of gas and can’t afford more until tomorrow. I hope we can make the appointment tomorrow at least.

After Home, I also played some LittleBigPlanet for the first time in a while. Ooh, fun. Though I was a little rusty.. After that, I then caught up on some more TV with Glee (haha, good episode), Castle (cool), The Prisoner Parts 1 & 2 (I had watched the first two parts before the hospital, but fell asleep.. and here I fell asleep again.. damn) and two episodes of Rita Rocks (haha).

I got online to news-gather, then we had a lame supper out of what very little food we had left behind.. In primetime, we watched my next Netflix selection — The Proposal. Funny movie. We both liked it. But it was lighter on the comedy that we expected though.. I followed that up with last week’s House (good episode) before returning to my room for the night.. as my dad slept again..

Damn, I was really wanting to make this a new start for these entries. Makes them different. Fresh. But these annoying bed sores and itches are taking my time right now. My feet still hurt if I walk on them too much, just not nearly as bad as it used to. I’m also wondering if this huge amount of sweating that I am doing is because of the new prescriptions.. or because I’m pretty much sitting in front of a heater in the living room. A heater that may be turned up too high because while I am feeling the heat my dad still says he’s cold. 😦

Well.. see ya..

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