The Paranoid Pariah returns.. mostly healed!

If you’ve been paying attention to my Twitter, you know that I finally went to the hospital and that’s where I’ve been all week. In case not, here’s the tweets. I would’ve been nice to have been able to hear back from people during my very uncomfortable and isolated stay. Had to wait until I returned home to read all the tweet replies. Thanks guys! 🙂

Hospital Twitter Log

Okay, I’m on my way to the hospital. Wish me luck. Hope I can at least keep tweeting..
11:38 AM Nov 23rd from txt

Day 1 complete. Day of endless waiting for room. IV put in active arm. Got room, two suppers, then dad left me alone 😦
11:56 PM Nov 23rd from txt

Day 2. Lady wrapping my legs was a hot Katee Sackhoff lookalike. Damn. In uncomfortable bed, feeling like a sad lab rat
10:17 PM Nov 24th from txt

I’m so lonely. I miss my TV & DVDs. I miss my friends online. And I miss my kitty. 😦
1:16 PM Nov 25th from txt

Day 3. Light at end of tunnel. May be released by weekend, but not holding my breath. The world does enjoy stomping out my hope & happiness.
11:01 PM Nov 25th from txt

Thanksgiving = new people working. New people = being awoken for tests & vampirism (happened twice already!). And done badly to boot. Ugh.
12:43 AM Nov 26th from txt

Day 4. Dad had a sandwich for Thanksgiving because of me. He tells me cat is missing me too, acting different. Hope I’m home tomorrow. 😦
7:57 PM Nov 26th from txt

Getting bathed by a nurse: priceless… Now get me the hell out of here!
11:02 AM Nov 27th from txt

Day 5. Not going home today due to some mental doctor bullshit. Must wait until tomorrow now. Gawdamnit. One more night in the cold cage…
5:18 PM Nov 27th from txt

I’m having a hard time sleeping again tonight, partly due to myself.. and the nurse that woke me up with a thirst for blood. Neeed sleeep..
4:19 AM Nov 28th from txt

Told Dad to set DVRing for KRDK. Of course he failed and forgot. Must wait months to VHS a re-airing now.Ugh. Please let me go home already!
10:28 AM Nov 28th from txt

Mental doc trying to ‘change’ me. I don’t want to change
3:16 PM Nov 28th from txt

(except the legs). I wanna go home and get back to normal damnit.. Discharge is in progress though. Slow, slow progress. 😦
3:26 PM Nov 28th from txt

Day 6. Nope, not going home today either. Slow docs suck. Hard.
about 24 hours ago from txt

If I’m not discharged early tomorrow, my dad says he’s gonna just leave me here another day. He cannot miss his football. Geez. :/
about 22 hours ago from txt

And now the chance of getting out today is already slimming. Guess I shouldn’t expect better from the hospital that killed my mother…
about 9 hours ago from txt

Dad’s come and gone again. Can’t find anything on TV. Hard spot in bed hurting my butt all week. Still no end to torture in sight.
about 5 hours ago from txt

Doc came and pretty much said bye. Great that dad couldn’t wait. But he’s coming again now. :/
about 4 hours ago from txt

Day 7… After 10,000 years I’m free! It’s time to co– er, go home! Yeah!
about 2 hours ago from txt

My whole time in the hospital, I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to mention here post-log… but now I can’t think of any of it. Damn.. I’m outpatient now. My next appointment is tomorrow. But due to my dad’s dialysis, we’ll probably have to reschedule to Tuesday. They have to rewrap my legs every few days. I also have prescriptions for an antibiotic.. and an antidepressant. :/

Well, see ya tomorrow. 🙂


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