dollhouse closed / today, no yesterday

FOX has decided not to pick up any additional episodes of Dollhouse, leaving this season with just 13 episodes.. and has officially canceled the series as well.. RARGH!!! PROMEY SMASH!! *storms FOX headquarters, eventually leveling it to the ground* ..Ahem, anyway.. Click here to check out what Joss Whedon had to say to So sad..

I awoke too early in the morning once again, then my dad eventually left for dialysis.. I got online for a bit, then watched Castle (good episode, heh) and Heroes (good episode). After some more time online, I watched Legend of the Seeker (nice start to Season 2.. and cool, James Gaylyn — aka Colonel Truman.. how many Power Rangers alums does that make now? :p).. followed by three episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars: Season 1 (great episode, didn’t watch these yesterday so here they are).

My dad returned from dialysis during those episodes, then we eventually watched Ellen. But then I watched the final four episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars: Season 1 (awesome.. “Hostage Crisis” was a bit better than I remember it, neat).. then I followed that by playing some more Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time (now I’m tracking down the gold bolts, I wants me another trophy :p).

We had some pizza for supper (the oven variety.. with plenty of peppers and crap for me to pick off), then I eventually got online to news-gather.. There wasn’t all that much on tonight, so I let my dad watch his CMA Awards and I stayed online a bit longer.. I could no longer stand the desk’s chair and returned to the living room while listening to my new Now 32 CD. Then I caught some of the end of the awards too.. just because I was there.. and didn’t feel like getting up.. I did eventually returned to my room for the night though.

I.. think I’m finally considering going to the hospital. Even though he doesn’t come out and say it, my dad might actually care enough about me. He told me yesterday that.. he didn’t want to see me die before him. And on top of that, the legs are becoming more difficult. The bottoms of them hurt more (while standing on them), and it’s getting harder to stand on them without falling over. It’s probably too late by now. Though it’s most likely been “too late” for me for a long time now.. Plus, today is the anniversary of my mother’s passing.. *sigh*

[ Woman Dies Of Swine Flu AFTER Getting Vaccine ]
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[ Single US Banking Regulator Proposed ]
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[ Asteroid Sneaks Past Earth – Only 8,700 Miles ]
[ UFO Hacker McKinnon Suicidal Over Health ]
[ No NASA Records Regarding Kecksburg UFO Crash ]


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